Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mini Marathon Update*

What a GREAT morning for a mini marathon! HECK NO I didn't run in it but I go to support my hubs. I should say Boomer and I do :) We walked downtown for an hour and 20 minutes and I thought I should head to the finish line. I knew the Kenyans had already finished because the helicoptors were swarming over it. Mike had a goal to beat 1:30:00 and be in the top 500 finishers. Well to our surprise he finished UNDER that! I'm not sure of the exact time yet but it's between 1:27:00 and 1:28:00. I'm so proud of my man. His next race...the Indy Marathon and his ultimate goal is to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon!

So my husband really enjoys running. I really enjoy watching my body getting leaner. Not sure yet if 4 weeks is enough time to get stage ready but i'm not gonna stress over it. After losing my job i've been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking about things and if this happens it happens. I'm tired of scheduling my life around competing...there I said it. This doesn't mean i'm heading for the next ice cream shop or not killing my 3 workouts a day :) I'll continue this until i'm a lean mean machine in my mind.

I may take some progress pics tomorrow just for the H of it.

OMG! I drank coffee today without Splenda!! There's something that's making me hold some weight so i'm gonna see if that could be doing it. I'm really getting into this organic and all natural thing.

My husbands runner friends are having a cookout this afternoon. Typically I wouldn't go because of the stupid usual reasons...gotta do my workouts...don't want to be tempted. I feel strong today though. My workouts are in and I don't want to eat crap. Not to mention they eat pretty healthy except for all the alcohol which isn't a problem for me to resist.

I'm really changing for the better I think!

p.s. Stupid me forgot my camera this morning, thank goodness Mike's parents were there with theirs!


mb said...

I love this post. I love the way you sound. I have come to the same place and it feels good.

Congrats to Mike on the race!

GClef1970 said...

I second that!

I'm in awe of your hubs! I am SO not a fast runner!

I think that you'll start to appreciate the actual taste of coffee by drinking it black. It's my favorite way. :-)

Love your mindset, girl!!

Krissa said...

Congrats to your husband on his race time!!!! That is awesome!

And congrats to you as well. I remember missing out on get-to-gethers because I didnt want to be tempted with bad food. I think back on all the good times I probably missed out on and it sucks. Life is much too short for that. I remember Jen Hendershott saying over and over again at Phat Camp, that fitness should not control your life. She said, "Shame on you if fitness becomes more important than your family." She said she NEVER misses anything important to her family, including big meals. She just does what is necessary to make it work.

Stef said...


Stef said...
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Tearose said...

I am really loving your blog lately, its a whole new you! Not that I didn't love the old you lol ;) But its a cool place your at.