Monday, December 29, 2008

I QUIT......

....all my supplements on the 1st that is. It's in preparation for my surgery on the 15th. Any nurses out there know why this is? I'm thinking it has something to do with blood clotting etc??

I'm doing great on my diet right now. I feel so much better. Although i've gained A LOT of fat. I'm not sure what the scale weight is and I don't care. All I know is i'm holding water like CRAZY. Okay maybe that's a cop out, i've eaten WAY too much fudge this Christmas. Last year I couldn't understand why I gained so much weight. I stuck to my bulking diet and was on some different supps so I figure that could be why. Now I KNOW it's the sweets I ate. Food wise I did great but chocolate and sugar wise...not so much :)

So it's on! The Arnold will be here before I know it! I don't want to look like a chipmunk face again in my pictures :)

I'm getting my new supplement that Tony prescribed tomorrow and I can't even take it yet...ugh...i'm excited about this one too! I can't say what it is but maybe if it works really well I may give a hint or 2??

Friday, December 26, 2008


I got our pictures today! They're awesome! Here's a taste...and why did I eat all those sweets! Ugh, i'm cleaning it up BIG time after seeing these pics!

Oh goodness...those jeans are tight now LOL!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baking and the Holidays!

Okay so I won't be baking that early EVER again :) I'm not as strong as I can be when I know there isn't a "contest" around the corner. However I did bake brownies yesterday without licking a thing just to prove to myself that i'm in control.

I'm at the weight mark that I DO NOT want to go over so I need to watch out. This happened last year. So after all the festivities I really to to work hard so I can look good for the Arnold. I'm keeping track of my weight which helps ME to make better choices. I'm not going to look like I did last year. I don't know how that happened? This time I KNOW it's because of fudge and cookies :) I haven't been eating bad food just those little sweets add up. I ate alot of sweets right after the show too ugh...it's disgusting.

Tonight I go to my mom's for Christmas Eve. My sister, brother in law, and dad all go to my mom's and it's the best time! Then tomorrow I got to Mike's parents. Eating there will be fine because 1. There isn't TONS of food like my family makes 2. My family means comfort and pigging out but with his I'm okay. He has a great family though and I can't wait to see them. I have 5 nieces and a nephew that I never see. That brings me to Saturday, Grandma's. The best homecooking EVER and comforting foods. Foods that remind me of childhood and that makes me HAPPY! I'm going to TRY and behave. I guess i'll just step on the scale before I go and that should do the trick HA!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loving the Holidays!

My kitchen is all stocked up for baking this week WOO! I love this time of year and lately i've really been in the Christmas spirit. I've been letting cars out in front of me, buying things that people NEED instead of buying unneccesary stuff for myself, and I went shopping with my mom, at night.

I had a card from VS from buying something from there last month. All I needed to do was buy something from Dec 1~Dec 24 to redeem. It would be worth $10, 50, 100 or $500. I told Jodi I wish is was worth $500 so I could buy my sister a bunch of bras to support her DD's. So I went in to buy some shower gel and I had a $50 winner! I thought for sure it would only be $10 or else I wouldn't have gotten the gel HA! So I bought my sister a bra. I call it 2 tarps and a bungee cord...she loves that. She will be so happy at Christmas!

I ran a 2 miler in 18:42 this afternoon! I NEVER just run. I've never really tried to see what I can do it in but I was happy with myself. Now my goal is going to be to do it in under 17! Of course Mike does a 5K in 19 mins LOL!

I think i'm starting to talk myself out of this surgery i'm suppose to have Jan 15th. Has anyone else had surgery on there "female" parts that can reassure me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling it!

I'm down .8 lbs today since Saturday WOO! Of course then today I ate a few truffles and some nuts :) LOL! I'm just trying to see what I can get away with but that's about to stop darnit! I need to lose a little more fluff so I can eat next week. I'm gonna eat no matter what but i'd feel better if the scale was a tad lower. Don't go by the scale..I know, I know. I HAVE to get a bit below 115 though to keep TOM away ;)

I talked with Tony yesterday and he made me feel much better. I am ready to get serious again and he pretty much talked me out of a really strict diet right now...Love him! Next week we're gonna do a bit of macro shifting to prepare for Christmas YIPPEE! My workouts have been awesome lately and i'm sure it's because i'm eating more and not doing a lot of cardio. I miss the cardio though so i'm gonna at least get a walk in before work in the mornings.

Urologist's visit didn't go that well. Nothing too serious but I need to have surgery in the nether regions UGH....I'm not sure when yet but you better believe the first thing I asked was about exercise. No restrictions there...just no sex for 2 weeks YIPPE...I mean darn :(

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Report Card

I was RAVENOUS Friday night and yesterday. I could not get full for anything! Normally when I eat I don't get full but then again i'm not hungry afterwards. Friday night I was gonna eat a turkey burger and green beans but had to have something else so I made some yam fries...a bunch of them :) Saturday I woke up STARVING! I ate my oats and eggs...still hungry. I went and watched Mike run a 5K in 20 degree weather and that kept my mind off of it. Then throughout the day I just could not satisfy my hunger. I ate rice, MRP to make myself think I was having a shake and maybe that would do it, then I even ate a bowl of cereal with water because milk has sugars and carbs. That's how my stupid mind thinks.

Last night was our company Christmas Party. I wasn't gonna go but at the last minute I decided what the heck. All week I would grade my eating somedays as an A- and then others as a B-. I've been actually doing good and feeling better about my body. I was losing weight, ounces not pounds but at least that's something. My abs are visible again and i'm seeing my little shoulders cuts. My thighs are bigger now and the love handles are slowly showing. I need to put a STOP to that. I'm not worried about the legs because they aren't really "big" and I don't need them to look like toothpicks until comp day. Good thing because that is the ONLY time they are thin HA! Now my pooch is another story. It has a mind of it's own. It's really funny looking right now and feels all watery YIKES!

So anyway at the Christmas party I give myself a C on the food I ate only because the chicken was smothered in some sort of sauce, I had a piece of bread, and green bean almondine which had to have something bad on it because it was SO good. I'm use to eating green beans straight from the can(don't hurl Angela). Then comes dessert...need I type anymore? FAILED!!! Oh boy it was YUMMY though! There was some sort of flourless chocolate cake and it was all fudgy and cakey at the same time mmmmm.....It was a nice meal but now i'm back to eating good the rest of the week. Remember my mentality about the milk...doesn't apply to chocolate. I knew I shouldn't have gone. BUT, it tis the season to enjoy your friends and family and i'm not going to dwell on it.

So today I woke up and i'm feeling good. I didn't eat breakfast first thing because I wasn't hungry. I went to Target instead. I need to do my bi/tri workout and may throw some extra cardio in there. I'm taking the fur girl to Petsmart today.

Tomorrow I have to go to a urologist...ugh....i'm scared.

****you may think oh she ate rice, cereal and an MRP and she thinks that's bad. Truth is Mike had polished off the Tostios or I would have eaten those. I do not keep things in my house or I WOULD eat that comfort stuff. Thought about buying some Wheat Thins at Target but even though they are in Mike's goody cabinet I would end up eating them LOL!****

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reminding Myself

Yesterday I felt like crap and this morning i'm feeling great! I even sent Tony a text and told him my pants were getting tight. He replies...No more cheats! Oh yeah, maybe that is why LOL!

This is the point in time when i've added back cottage cheese, Metrx and fruit, and i'm gaining so I believe it's because of that. Nevermind the Wheat Thins or the 6 chocolate covered pretzels I've had! So I am responsible for what I put in my mouth. That doesn't mean I won't relax and enjoy the holidays. I'm doing okay on my eating I think. I would be perfect if there wasn't that thing called chocolate that's EVERYWHERE right now. Funny how I can pass on it during prep time but not right now???

My weight is fluctuating between 116~118 right now. As long as I don't go over 120 during this season i'll be alright :) I REALLY want to be 114. 4 stinking lbs...is that too much to ask for? That's a mini goal for myself...114 by 12/24 because that is appetizer night at mom's and I know i'll gain then LOL!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was on here reading blogs and thought I would post one myself. I have no clue what i'll type about :)

I went to Target this morning and bought some cottage cheese, strawberries, and grapefruits YUM! I don't know what to do with my time right now. Tony actually told me I don't have to do as much cardio as i've been doing. So now i'm trying to stay off the treadmill. My workouts have been GREAT this past week. Except for Wednesday and that was my fault. I ate a TON of nuts and then my stomach hurt. My weight is around 116 right now which is up 9 lbs from comp day. I'm feeling good though. That first week and the initial shock of your body not looking all dehydrated is the toughest. Once you realize you are human and that look is NOT healthy you tend to not be as mental. So i'm enjoying my body right now although I need to get back to 90% clean ASAP. I would say i've been around 75% right now. My downfalls are nuts and creamers EEK!

I was reading an article from a friend of mine that she was showcased on. She said that she typically takes an "off season", although she doesn't like to call it that either because she's healthy all year round, through Oct~Dec. She likes to bake with her son and enjoy the holidays. He will remember baking with mommy and having a good time and not that mommy didn't have a 6 pack :) I loved that!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back At It!

Okay, last week was my "off season" and i'm glad it's done. I did do all my workouts but eating was junky. I felt like crap. I was depressed looking like a puffalump in the mirror. This is day 3 of clean eating and i'm seeing my abs again! My legs look like this now:

Okay, maybe not ;)

So after a few more weeks of eating good i'll feel much better. I am doing my early morning cardio although it's just a half an hour. THIS IS WHAT I CHOSE TO DO. NO ONE IS PRESCRIBING THIS FOR ME. SO DON'T GO CUTTING AND PASTING AND SENDING TO A TRAINER AND MAKING HIM LOOK BAD FOR IT. I love waking up and getting a good sweat in. It's not as intense though but it still feels good.

Friday, November 28, 2008


It's hard to believe this time last week I was all gung ho to have the Muscle in the City weekend. I'm sad now...it's over. It's not totally over though. We're already planning our next get together! Sometimes it's scary meeting people you're not sure you really know or will click with. I typically don't like being around people. I'm a loner. I like it that way. I have friends but I don't really hang out with them that often. I use to ALL the time but you know, jobs, kids, and figure comps HA! I'm so glad to have found Angela, Stacey and Tina. We all GET each other. It's nice to have someone GET you and understand your madness. Each one of us is different but together we all make up the perfect friendship.

Angela-quiet, reserved, short as heck, petite, philly accent, family oriented and caring

Tina-big hearted, smiley, full of life, too caring, goofy, drinks wine

Stacey-mother hen, gabby, hilarious, brightens up a room, storyteller

Me-hates people, gets pissed off easily, hates GPS phones

Ha! See put us 4 together and you get Muscle in the City a friendship that never dies!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Seriously...my legs STILL feel like this:

I have never felt this way after a comp. I know it will pass but I want it to pass NOW! I didn't do anything different...too much chocolate is my norm. I did NOT have ANY splenda the week of the show or it could be the 24 days of ZERO carb that my body is hating right now? Either way I know the sausage leg syndrome will be gone but i'm just not sure when. I'm back to eating clean with a piece of fudge thrown in today because OMG I have THE easiest and BEST fudge recipe!!! My workouts are great and i'm hoping they push some water out of my system.

I'm super pumped about the upcoming figure season next year! I even have plan to do a show in Philly with Angela!...yep, she's got the bug too :)

16 oz of PB
16 oz of Chocolate frosting
Leave in container(take foil and lids off)microwave each for 1 min. Pour into bowl and stir. Put in 8x8 pan and chill overnight.

I'm not joking, that's all there is to it. Remember watching mom and grandma make fudge and it was some big fiasco with a thermometer and all?? I'm gonna do my best not to gorge tomorrow. I'm actually sick of food so it may be pretty easy. I did get hungry today which was a nice feeling LOL!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What A Weekend!

This was such a great weekend. We will have stories for a lifetime and it'll only be funny to us but it's great that way LOL! What could make this weekend better?

It's a candy factory we found on the way home. There was even a chocolate fountain in it AND you could sample ANYTHING you wanted too! Oh yes you better believe I did.

So I ended up with the worst placing you could get...6th. There were 10 girls in my class. The one where you are thinking what if I did this different or what if I did that different. My height is right on the border, I can go short or medium. I should have chosen medium and then I would have myself a silver girl and then I could play barbies with Stacey and Tina but I didn't chose that and I still looked good so i'm happy. Also, there was a bobybuilding girl who crossed over to figure. So she took my 5th place spot as well grrr...

I never really know what I look like until I see pics. I wasn't too disappointed with the pics i've seen though.

Friday started off with Angela's plane being 3 hours late! Once I got her we headed to Rockford. The roadtrip there was as fun as not drinking water and eating chicken can be :) We would see billboards and signs for food and Starbucks, of course we were like we'll go there on the way back. In reality on the way back we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and that candy store and that was it!

I weighed 107.8 comp morning and I weighed this morning and i'm 117.2 LOL!! YES! I think I may go walk on the treadmill for a bit. I'm also doing a shoulder workout later WOO!

I'll post more later and i'll try and get more pics over on my pic place.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Peace Out!

I can't believe the weekend of the Muscle and the City is finally here! Watch out Rockford!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged...AGAIN LOL!

I got tagged by Sundie. I'm supposed to name 6 things that make me happy and then tag 6 fellow bloggers.... so here goes:

1. Going on walks with my Boomer and dogs in general.

2. Just relaxing on the couch with Mike catching up on shows.

3. Going shopping and knowing i'll fit into a size 4

4. The start of fall and the leaves and fresh air.

5. Going on cruise or to the beach.

6. Coffee and of course thinking about Muscle and the City! WOOT!

Okay,the six people I am tagging are:


p.s. Keebler Elves make me happy too!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Heck no, not today! Man, i'm eating WAY too much food today but I just do as i'm told :D I'm not really complaining LOL!

I have so many things to do:

Hair appt
finish packing
double checking my packing
fill up gas
go to ATM
cook food for Angela and I for Friday's roadtrip!

Okay, I guess it's not that much but tomorrow will fly by!

This weekend is going to be so much i'm about to pee my pants!

Oh, here is a pic of the 2 piece i'll be wearing. This was taken Sunday. Thank you, thank you Jodi!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One week out!

I'm getting SUPER pumped about the upcoming week! It's going to be the best!

Tomorrow Jodi is coming up and we're going to the mall and then back to my house for a suit fashion show...remember Jodi, I just had 2 carb up days LOL!

Check out the below...Tom Richardson(Kristal's hubby) made it for me!

My Video :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Told You I Love This Stuff!

I can't wait to try the eye serum! I'll let you know if it works miracles! I have bags under my eyes from...getting older...and waking up at 4:30a everyday. I also LOVE toner and this toner smells amazing. It doesn't smell like alcohol that dries you out. WOOHOO!

On the show front i'm getting leaner and leaner everyday :) I got some carbs today and my abs puffed up just like a pastry! Actually my wee shoulders and bicep did too! Now if I can just get my butt to flatten like a pancake a little. Can you tell I have food on the brain LOL! Tomorrow is a carb up for me AND I get to enjoying my incredible MRP mmmmm....chocolate shake at 1 week out!

Man, this is going to be the funnest experience! I love doing shows with a friend. That's why Jodi and I always plan the local ones together. It's fun doing it locally because if I forget something I can run home. Plus if Jodi forgot something I could always get it for her. Now I HAVE to remember everything! My suit and shoes are important, shoes and jewelry also, makeup yes, but the MOST important thing I need to remember is MOOSE MUNCH!!!! LOL!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here are the rules:

Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links.
Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random things about me:

1. I HAVE to use an eyebrow pencil in order to have eyebrows...I have some whacked out disease that I pull them out and it's comforting

2. I floss 2-3 x's a day

3. I like honesty in a person. If you have something negative to say about me then tell me. Don't go behind my back. Chances are you are just making gossip and that is so high school!

4. My husband is left handed

5. I have exactly 50 first cousins on my dad's side of the family.

6. I love to bake...especially chocolate stuff! My fave are no bake cookies although you don't actually bake them??

7. I had a brick dropped on my head once...I have a super strong skull I guess

Okay there you have it :) Prep is going good...i'm getting leaner I think?? I'm not losing lbs though but as long as I feel good that's whats important!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flat and Freckled

Dang, my husband snuck this pic of me as I was bending over to give him a peck on the cheek. I knew I had freckles but boy that is ridiculous LOL! He had Lasik done on Friday and he was a nervous wreck. I thought he was gonna throw up on the ride down there. I had this done 6 years ago and it has been the best $4000 i've ever spent in my life! I was trying to calm him down telling him I would rather have it done again then ride that one rollercoaster at Kingsisland again *barf*. Now he's just being silly. Telling me he's waving to the neighbor across the field and that he's holding up 2 fingers. Wanting to read everything for me...it's cute.

Now to other things...I got a sample of this exfoliater at the Monster Mash a couple weeks ago OMG!!! It's the best ever!!! make your face smooth :) Right now if you buy something you get a cleanser free. So you know I got online and bought it. Now I see I could have gotten it at Kroger LOL! BUT, I woudlnt' have got the cleanser to go with it. I also got a sample of WTF Pump'd by ALR Industries. Man, my veins were popping like crazy yesterday!

Since I started losing weight and shaping up last year i've never felt like I was on a diet...until now. At first this was okay but now it's getting to me. The best part is though I don't have cravings at all but i'm just getting sick of only eating like 4 different things LOL! I'm feeling a bit better today though. I'm gonna go walk my dog since she's the only one that can tolerate me right now ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Is That?

No seriosly...who is that? Thank goodness I found Stacey's blog which led me to Tony. I'm in such a happy place right now. I have finally come to terms and excepted MY physique. My body is changing everyday and it just amazes me. That girl up there use to read through everything trying to find the magical solution. I've tried all kind of workout equipment. That girl use to do so much cardio it would put prep cardio to shame. Which by the way I have JUST been given 2 hours a day :) My diet ROCKS and Tony has been calling me telling me to add things which make me happy! Like walnuts YUM! I love not reading and trying to see what everyone else does. He knows me and he knows what my body needs. Someday maybe i'll learn that for myself. Given my track history though i'll leave it up to someone else.

Dang, I have definition in my chest now, shoulder cuts are coming along and my abs rock! Sure I have things that I would like to change but don't we all? I'm just trying to stay in this great place i've discovered!

After this show i'm going to TRY my best and maintain at a weight that is comfortable for me. That may be 112 and that may be 115. What you want me to do another "off season" bulk...NOPE won't do it. I won't get muscle that way? Oh well, it's my body! I really need to stay off of other forums LOL!

I can't wait for Muscle and The City!!!! This is going to be SO much fun!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


My mom and I had a great time shopping today! I've had WAY to much coffee. I'm going to do some cardio in a bit. My weight is 112.0 and it WILL be lower tomorrow darnit!!! My goal is to try and be 108 by this coming weekend. I don't know if that is really possible but i'm gonna try :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey all! I'm still going...bareley. The workouts are getting tougher. My energy is up one day and down the next. No matter what though i'm pushing through! My body should be burning fat like a machine right now! We're almost 3 weeks out and i'm getting super excited!! This is gonna be so much fun! I gotta keep in mind that although it's gonna be fun i'm there for a purpose...to meet Stacey and have a blast with Angela and Tina! LOL! What did you think I was there for?

I think I need to be hooked up to a glutamine IV...that would make this much better. I hate taking that nasty crap! No matter what I put it in I swear I can taste it.

I'm seriously getting sick of cheese?? Did I just say that HA!

We've all got goals and dreams and a vision in our mind of what we want to look like. So I finally found one...compliments of Jodi ;)

Now I know I need to be the best APRIL I can be...Angela already told me that and Jodi's post over there tells her story BUT this is my vision. When I see my dreambody this is what I see. Although I have a huge scar and my left shoulder is a little out of alignment :) Oh yes, and I don't have fake hooters...or any for that matter. So there, this is my vison. I've got the abs thing in the bag, just need to get a bit leaner. My hips will eventually go away someday. I'm remolding my body day by day, month by month and I can't wait to see where I go!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Kickin'

Whew, i'm exhausted today. I've been without carbs since Wednesday. This is the first day that i'm actually feeling it. I think it's because Jodi and I were out late Saturday/Sunday and I didn't get much sleep. I'm not blaming the no carb because truth is I feel better on this diet. Trust me, Tony knows what he is doing and i'm getting plenty of proteins and fats. I LOVE CHEESE :D

I had a ROCKIN shoulder workout today. Man it was awesome! I had veins poppin out everywhere except for the bicep of course *sigh* I know it's coming! I had a vein that started at the bottom of (what would be a boob) and went straight down my waist...Gosh it was great! Tomorrow is chest YIPPEE!

I need to take some pictures but my camera blows. I guess I need a new camera too.

My husband bought a Harley today. It's nice, he got a backrest on it so that I would be more comfortable. I guess this means i'll have to ride with him more often. No more crotch rockets thank goodness!

I also wanted to say how gorgeous Tracy was in person this weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hardcore I'm Telling Ya!

Oh man, i'm loving this diet. Tony talked to me in all seriousness and told me he was waiting....waiting to give me this diet because it's rough. Can I just say that I get cheese on this diet! I haven't had cheese since who knows when. Cheese is fat, that's my fat girl mentality there. So i'm LOVING cheese right now! He told me if I can handle it tomorrow cut the salad and eat more cheese HA! I feel like i'm totally cheating but see ya salad!

My back workout went well today. I think my hips are finally smaller and it makes my shoulders look broader. I still need some shoulder muscle. I never really thought I would get any but now I KNOW I will. The changes i'm seeing right now keep me going and I can't wait to see more!

Tomorrow i'm headed off to the Monster Mash with Jodi! We're going to see Tracy and Stef will be there also. That's if we don't get lost going there, there's no easy way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's New?


I'm also on a new diet! It's HARDCORE but it's totally gonna be worth it! Notice I didn't post a back picture in my new suit...there's a reason for that. Those of you who have followed my blog know that the first place I gain weight is in my bootay. I know 5 lbs doesn't seem like much but when you're 5'3 and gain it all in the same place it is :) After 2 days on this diet I feel so much better it's weird.

I think there are gonna be some big things headed my way for next year and i'm super excited to see how it all plays out! I may actually meet 2 of the goals i've had for myself but never really wrote down for fear of never reaching them. So to keep in April style if they do come true i'll let you know ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTC(NOT trying to conceive! Thanks Eileen ;)

No, not IBTC, although I am a member of that too. I've been chose to be part of Team Tight Curves! What's in it for me and the other ladies chosen?

A webpage on our website with links to their website if they wish
• A photoshoot with Terry Goodlad
• Clothing
• Supplements
• Compensation for promotional programs that they will be asked to be involved with.

I couldn't believe when I got the email. I sent some cheesy pics back in July and totally didn't expect this. I checked out the board and all these fitness models are on there and it's like I don't belong. When I told Tony about this of course he scolded me for talking like that. The best part is maybe i'll be able to meet up with Em someday because she was chosen too! WOOHOO!

I got my 1 piece in the mail yesterday :) I LOVE the color although it is SUPER small right now. I know it'll fit in 4.5 weeks YIKES!

Here is a preview before it fits good, not blinged out and no tanner.

So i'm suppose to be getting a new diet today. I hope so because I need to start losing again! I've been at 113 FOREVER! Bonus is i'm not doing doubles....yet.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Guns and Poses

I had a great time posing with Tracy and Julie this weekend. DANG! Julie arms are VERY nice. She was so sweet and helpful too. I felt like a part of her team. Of course Tracy was great and we're gonna meet again when we can eat chocolate together LOL!

I feel like my pretty pose and side poses are much better now. Of course being on stage might change all of that :)

I ordered a new 1 piece. Amy mailed it out for me on Friday WOO! I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

My weight has stalled. I've been at 113 FOREVER! Tony is SUPPOSE to get me a new diet...come on man i'm 5 weeks out with only an hour of cardio! I don't want to be doing 2 hours + just because I didn't get a new diet. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and had a salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and brie cheese on it YIKES! This is what happens on my own.

Not having a microwave blows!

I have something else I need to blog about....it's coming.....stay tuned.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dont Know What You Got...Til It's Gone :(

I never realized how much I use my microwave until it crapped out on me yesterday. Mike and I got another one on order. They stopped making Almond color and now it's called bisque. Of course that makes me think of biscuits...mmm...biscuits.

My weight is at 113.8 right now which by my standards is awesome but Tony wants 111 ;) I was 113.8 at 1 week out last time. My personal goal is 105, i'll get there. I'm already seeing ab veins and a butt indention WOO! I ordered a new 1 piece and i'll post a pic of it later.

Tracy....2 more days YIPPEE! I bought some fake spray on tanner so I don't look invisible ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pete and Repeat.....

Okay, my weight is going down and i'm going to keep this trend. I was at 113.6 so once again i'm going to say that I WILL be 112 this weekend! I have to look decent in front of Julie Lohre OMG!

I'm getting a new diet at the end of the week and i'm so excited to see what's on it! Will it be fish, chicken , turkey or turkey, chicken, fish?? LOL! Angela gets cucumbers right now....NOT FAIR! That's okay though because i'm still enjoying my Metrx shakes until I get it ;)

This comp is going to be so much fun! I told Angela just to focus on remembering her suit and heels because anything else left behind I will have! I'm going to bring our stock of dry azz chicken for our roadtrip that Friday. Not too many bathroom stops since we won't be guzzling water. No snacks for the road...now that sounds like a fun road trip!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I forgot to mention that next weekend Oct 18th I will be traveling to Cincinnati to me Tracy for posing with Julie Lohre! Julie has always been my idol and whenever I see her or am up close words just will not come out of my mouth. I know that sounds chidish but it's true. She is Tracy's trainer so I may feel more comfortable around? Only time will tell LOL!

40 more days!!! Rock on!(as Paula would say)

I've been eating clean and having great workouts. I can't wait to see my body transform more. Of course since I didn't go overboard and gain 20 lbs this time it won't be as dramatic...thank goodness!

Has anyone tried the marshmellow mocha creamer? OMG it is awesome! No more though ;)

My husband runs 4 miles to this fire station and he just did his best time of 24.59. He told me he bets I can't do it in under 50. I may try today to see if I can? I really hate jogging and running for long periods of time though so we'll see :) Right now i'm waiting for it to get a little lighter outside and it's off to burn some fat!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for Target!

Well this week has FLOWN by! I've been super busy at work....don't want to think about that. The weekend is here and I feel much more relaxed. I'll be walking through the aisles of Target in 20 mins.

I think i'm fighting off a sickness. Everyone at work has it. My body was hurting, nose running, and eyes were burning and that's all of their symptoms as well. Luckily I take my super potion of ACV/LJ so I think i'm over it now! Did I slack on workouts or eat something bad?? HELL NO! I'm not giving in to that excuse. If there is one excuse I hate more than anything, it's the one where someone thinks that because they're sick they can just forget it all. So today i'm gonna ROCK my triceps workout and get in a great cardio session with my dog.

I sent Tony and SOS email yesterday because my incline is broke on my treadmill. Sear's won't be here until Oct 20th to fix it. So I guess i'll just climb stairs. I still don't have a new diet yet. We all know that by now I know how to eat. Then my husband reminded me that is why I pay Tony...so I think i'll have a cheat meal tonight! My mind wouldn't let me do that though but it sounded rebellious!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun With the Fam!

Howdy peeps! I'm still trucking along :) Yesterday we went hiking in Brown County State Park and it was great. I love the smell of leaves and fresh air aaahhhh...I didn't make my goal of 112 though so I didn't have PB&J like I wanted *sigh* LOL! Instead I have a grilled chicken salad but it DID have walnuts and brie cheese ;) I really need to clean up my diet...what diet? TONY I NEED A NEW DIET!

I loaded some more pics in my photos over there :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

50 days baby!

Woohoo! 50 more days and i'm gonna have the time of my life!!....besides marriage :) Just in case the hubs reads this someday. I'm so excited about this next show! I've done a good job at maintaining my weight and that makes me happy, happy, happy! This week my weight has been flucuating due to not pooping for a few days. It hasn't gotten over 115 though which means i'm not over 10 lbs post comp weight! Am I comparing again??? YES! It keeps me sane. I know it's not good but for me it must be done. I know prepping for a show shouldn't have to be grueling so i'm not going to make it be. I don't have TONS of weight to lose this time and that's a relief. I would rather skip out on goodies than do 2 hours of treadmill that's for sure.

It seems each show has gotten easier to handle. There is less anxiety. The first I followed everything to the T! The second time around I tried, I had just got back from that cruise and dang I ate WAY too much. The third time I was fluffier but not too bad. I really cleaned it up at 7 weeks out and the weight dropped. Then at 4 weeks out the double cardios really helped. Which leaves me here. I'm 113 and I KNOW I can drop 8 lbs in 2 weeks now...not that I want too ;) Again you can tell me I shouldn't think like this but my brain is always running, figuring the numbers on the scale which don't mean a thing. I've gotten over an ED and this is still my way of controlling myself. At least i'm eating now :)

We have a Kohl's right down the road from where I work now. This is NOT a good situation for me. It just opened yesterday and I was there then and today HA! I NEED new undies though and all my sweaters are too big so I bought some of those too. Not to mention all my pants are HUGE! This is MY time though and I like being small and I WILL NOT GET OVER 120 again!!! Goal is 115 but dangit i'm eating good during the holidays ;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

8 weeks out

My "B" is working now? It actually worked when I typed the last title?? I guess I was having a blonde moment because I didn't catch it until this morning LOL!

Okay, so the pic above is me 8 weeks out now and 8 weeks out last show. I'm in a much better spot now that's for sure. I can't get too cocky though :) Actually yesterday I was trying my best to just have fun at the cookout and not stress. I took my turkey burger and I was going to be an angel HA! 1 ooey gooey brownie, 2 cookies and a lb of macaroni salad later let's just say I wasn't an angel LOL! I got on the scale this morning and gain a pound :) That's okay though because i'll still hit my goal of 112 this weekend!!

My eating was great today. I was craving peanuts so bad but I resisted. I did have a bit of non dairy creamer in my coffee at work but oh well. It's better than a pound of macaroni salad LOL!

I'm getting so excited for this comp! I think actually i'm just getting excited to hang out with Angela and Tina again and to meet the Infamous Stacey!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bored So I'm Blogging

Disclaimer: There is a letter on my keyoard that isn't working right now

It's 7a Sunday morning and i'm getting ready to take my doggy for a walk. I woke up with a slight headache ut that's not stopping me. I woke up yesterday and I weighed in at 113.8! Then I "used the athroom' and weighed 113.6 :) Here is what I ended up eating yesterday and I thought my weight would e up more ut it's not!!

oats/egg whites
Yogurt parfait with rasperries and strawerries and granola shhhhh....
chicken roccoli
PWO shake
6 egg whites
turkey, roccoli, spinach/tomatoes
100 cal popcorn!

I also made cookies and the oreo dessert. OF COURSE I tasted some crums of the oreos :) I've also eaten 4 of the cookies! Oh well. That's life. I would have NEVER done this a few weeks ago though when I was trying my darnest to lose weight. When I last talked to Tony he told me to maintain around 113 and then at 6 weeks out we'll kick it up??? Not sure what all that means ut in my mind it means i'm gonna enjoying some oreo pudding today LOL!

Just let me live in this moment of my ody working :) OR is this what happens when you're fit? I AM remolding my ody as Tony say. The most important part is that if I have a treat today and then weigh tomorrow and i'm up significantly then I have the willpower to e super strict again. It's a lifestyle and I think i'm finally living it instead of fighting with it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Figured it out!

Here are the pics I couldn't get posted yesterday :) I love my new little knife!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who am I?

First off I want to say that i've been rubbing cocoa butter on that picture below to prevent stretch marks HA!

Since my comp I don't know who has taken over my body but I love whoever it is! I'm so happy with myself right now! I got back to clean eating the Tuesday after my show. I had a few treat like the slivers of fudge, bbq no bun and broccoli salad. I've had some nuts, a few bowls of cereal and until Tony sends me a new diet plan i'm gonna continue to eat my yams :) I had my last Metrx packet yesterday so i'll miss that :( I weighed 114.6 this morning and i'm shooting for 113.8 on Saturday. I KNOW i'll get there. If not...I had some peanuts and a Diet Sprite today so it's my fault. I AM IN CONTROL OF MY BODY THIS TIME! I'm so relaxed it's awesome. I'm not stressing being around food, in fact i'm going to a cookout with my hubs this Sunday! I'll be making oreo pudding....mmmmmm....will I have any? I don't know but i'm not stressing if I do! I don't plan on pigging out. That's my downfall. I'm strict for so long and then I gorge...like post comp. You saw the results :) I'm very happy with my clean plan though so that could be it. The cup of oats in the morning is my BFF!

I just finished my abs workout and the veins going down my stomach are SICK! Is it my stomach? Yes, I still have the profound lower pooch HA!

I'm just in a really good state of mind right now and I need to blog it so I don't forget. You know being female that could all change tomorrow! Speaking of that, no TOM for me this month WOO!

I've also been doing little cardio. Little in my cardio land world that is. I do 30~45 minutes Mon-Fri. Sometimes a fast walk, sometimes intervals, or an incline. Saturday and Sunday are walking Boomer or going to the track with Mike. You may think that is still alot but I do enjoy waking up early and doing cardio so it's just in my daily schedule.

So to sum it up...my body is a fat burning machine right now! I'm loving it! This doesn't mean i'm going to run to the nearest pizza shop but I may have a few extra yams here and there :) I can't wait for Muscle In The City!!! 57 days!

Well, I was gonna post a pic of my new shoes and sword rack but my computer is being a biatch right now!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Told Ya!

While emailing with Angela, Tina and Stacey last week I told them they won't believe this pic of my stomach Sunday night! I felt like I was gonna explode! Was it worth it?.....HELL YEAH!

My weight was the exact same as it was yesterday morning...even after the bbq sandwich and slivers of fudge :) Today's damage was a salad with walnuts and goat cheese mmmmm.....

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Moose Munch!!!!! They also have milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cherry chocolate. Hell, i'll get one of each since there are 4 of us and we can share :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eatin Ain't Cheatin!

9 weeks out today YIPPEE! My weigh in was 114.8! That's what I weighed at 2 weeks out last show :)

Talked with Tony this week and he is very happy with my weight and wants me to be 113next week. I have a feeling this prep is gonna be AWESOME! He actually told me NOT to do so much cardio! I told him about the apples, almonds and yams i've been eating and he said that ain't cheatin :D WHEWY!

Today my mom and I went shopping in Metamora Indiana.It was so much fun. It's set up like a little village and the people were so friendly. I had an iced coffe with carmel, cinnamon, and hazlenut sugar-free divinci syrups and it was the best thing EVER!!! I had a few slivers of fudge too...just a few slivers and kept it at that. I don't want to get over 120 again and kill myself to work it off. Now that's cheatin :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haven't done one of these in awhile...

I'm still waiting on my mom to send me comp pics. I'll get them up as soon as I get them!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm exhausted and in a food hangover LOL! Yesterday was so much fun! I'm just chillin and eatin today. I had a choco chip mint frappicino at Target YUM! I'll have to say though that i'm also baking chicken, turkey, asparagus and cooking eggs and i'm right back on it tomorrow. I'll weigh too to see what damage i've done EEK! Either way i'll be at a good point for my 10 week out show YIPPEE! This is going to be so much fun with Stacey, Tina, and Angela!! :)

I got the judges sheets this morning for the show. I'm really surprised at how close they were. Makes me happy :) I got 4th in Figure Novice and 6th in Open...which means no placement LOL! I was 2 points shy of 3rd and 2 points shy of 5th. I got a really cool knife thing. I'll take a pic of it sometime and show you all. I had a great time but I got REALLY tired around 5p??? My abs werent' showing either...pissed me off.

My mom has better pics so once she sends them to me i'll post more. I was actually happy with the way my butt and legs looked for the most part. I just need to work on my upper body and i'll be set I think. Pray for my weak arms to grow ;)

I've posted some of my photoshoot pics on Myspace if you want to check them out :) I think they turned out good considering I didn't pay anything HA! I need to repay Jodi with a lot of lunches bought or something!!

I got this pic from Jodi's myspace. You all know how hard I have to work on my backside. It take ALOT of grueling things for me to get it to diminish. Well i'm happy to say that beside the tiny girl next to me I think I deserve second for the nice butt title ;) I probably really deserve first because she is just naturally tiny LOL!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Last Supper....

Hey guys! We'll it's 5:00p and I just ate my last meal :) I'm so freaking thirsty too but there will be no water for me until after prejudging tomorrow. While everyone is going to Cheeseburger in Paradise or Buca De Beppo's you better believe i'll be home eating my chicken, asparagus and yam. Why? Because even though the judging is supposedly during the prejudging the family and friends will be at the night show :) I don't want to be spilling over my bikini bottoms. As soon as I have some water I know the pooch will show a bit but oh well.

I'm most excited about my before prejudging treat Woo, can't wait! It's suppose to bring out your veins and stuff and even though I really don't have any YET(except shoulders and abs) i'm hopeful.

Here is a pic of my back today...i'm growing some muscles :)

I'm gonna have a great time tomorrow and i'll be thinking of you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Am I On???

Dang, i've got SO much energy today! I've cleaned all the carpets and I may as well go ahead and mop the floors. I cleaned out the cabinets, where I found some honey roasted cashews my hubs was hiding from me LOL! He is so silly.

Tony called me twice. Once seeing how I was doing and telling me to take pics. Second was to see how i'm doing and to let me know that i'm looking good. I told him i'm not completly happy with my butt but I won't recognize it come November! He is happy with my muscle maturity even though I don't see it. He said i'm thicker in a good way. My body dries out great, or at least it did last year so I can't wait until Saturday!

I'll be looking for a new 2 piece for my Nov comp. I told myself that once i'm happy with my backside i'll get a suit to show it off. Any suggestions on styles or colors are welcome :) I'm leaning towards shiny green for the color. I'm just nervous about a more revealing butt area even though I think it would make it look better??

Stef you are the sweetest!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know this journey is a marathon and not a sprint...someday i'll have shoulders. For now i'm very happy with what I have :)

Last day of sodium WOOHOO! I also mixed my PB and honey together today and put it in a small container. I'm not tempted by the yummy goodness today however Friday and Saturday will be a different story. This is the only way I can think of to keep myself from eating the entire jar after walking off the stage at night :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sneak Peak

Here is a pic my mom took of me at the photo shoot in the gym :) She took more pics but she really sucks at taking pics like me!

I can wait to see the real ones!

Sodium loading is going okay. I'm getting use to the taste. My legs are tingly right now though. My weight is up but Tony said that is normal. I hope this works!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Time Is Near!

I can't believe this week is already here! I got my protocol from Tony for the week and I am to follow it like my life depends on it ;) I had to take pics and send them this morning and he will evaluate the cardio situation. Needless to say that cardio remains the same but now he wants to do a salt load EEK! I can not stand salt but i'll do what needs to be done :) I'm starting my carb depletion today so bye bye cup of oats boohoo....

Oh yes, I had a photoshoot yesterday. My friend Jodi and I had a blast! They are all very tasteful and i've found that I would NOT be a good model. Plus I have to cheese in all pics, I'm a smiler :) We should get the CD this coming weekend!

I want to thank each and every one of you who check in on me and encourage me to keep going. I've had a rough year body wise and it would have been so easy to give up but ready your posts help keep me sane. All I know is all of a sudden my body loves carbs and that makes me happy :)

I'm not stopping here though. I KNOW my butt is still big and I want to get it where it's never been before!! Tony thinks the hips will go with the water drop etc...we'll see. My pooch actually is smaller this time? Bodies are weird.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost 1 weeks out :) 113.4

I just have to brag for a moment which actually I don't normally do. Of course it's about food. I got to eat 2 cups of oats yesterday! Yes you read that right! Little Miss Applebottom got extra oats!!!! I was in Heaven i'll tell ya. I saved them for last and ate it like dessert :) In my world that is desserts LOL! So now i'm tapering off carbs today for a bit. I'll skip the carb powder so that's 35g right there and then this morning I only had 1/2 a cup of oats. I have been getting 3/4~1 cups every morning BEEFCAKE!

This prep is so much better than anything i've done before. Obviously last time didn't work...partly my fault and the low/hi carb rotations don't work for my body. This time I could live off of this meal plan forever! With some pizza and M&M's thrown in now and again ;) My workouts are still full of energy although i'll admit my legs are about to die now. At least i'm only 1 week out as opposed to 4 weeks and they are dead.

After this I will continue to push myself until I rock the stage with my fellow redheads. I want to be my leanest EVER! Of course I want arms like Stacey too but I don't think that will happen in 2 months ;) Ladies where are you staying at in Rockford? Hubs wants to go ahead and book our hotel. As much as he is dreading it he mentioned doing that sooner than later.

I've seen some girls i'll be competing with next weekend. WHOA! We're talking me against Visionquester here. That's okay though. That's when it's good to not be a competitive person. I really just enjoy the backstage time and as much as I HATE people and doing things it's actually fun for me. Tony set a goal for Angela to be 110 sometime next week. I told her i'd try to get there as well. I was telling Mike about this and he is VERY competitive. He is all like ooohhh yeah you're going to beat her etc....I told him he's crazy. I said she is even LESS competitive than me LOL! Love you Angela and when you read this you had better have done extra cardio and eaten like a mouse so you're at 110 baby!

I saw a show this weekend about redheads. It was REALLY interesting. It was saying that we don't produce as much serotonin as other hair colored people?? Makes TOTAL sense! My sister was watching it with me bless her heart. She looked at me and said "April, now I understand why if I step on the back of your shoe you don't keep walking but turn around and punch me". LOL! Of course now when I fly off the handle I tell Mike i'm lacking serotonin. We also have a high pain tolerance...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Time is FLYING!!

Okay I looked at my countdown and it says 11 days OMG! I have so much to do!! I'll need your opinions on music. I may also have another suit lined up. It's lavendar but i've yet to try it on. My friend is going to let me see if it fits right first.

Weight was 113.6 this morning YIPPEE! I've got tons of energy, eating plan is still great and I couldn't be happier....oh yes I could. If the dang fat would leave my hips that would make me happier ;)

Off to Target now :)


Beautiful People

Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 weeks out-----114.8

I'm slowly but surely getting there!

Check this out LOL! This was really sort of what I looked like then too...scary!

Friday, August 29, 2008


I took some pictures yesterday. It's still TOM and i've ate 6 meals and 8L of water. That should make the next set better I hope :)

I've got A LOT of work to do in the next two weeks. People are starting to tell me i'm getting to thin so that's always a good sign. They're all wondering where the 8 lbs I want to lose will come from. You see the pics HA! ;) My butt will ALWAYS be my problem. I'm not worried too much about the pooch and hips. My body did really well during that last week last year so stay tuned...........

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So yesterday I did an all liquid diet. I DID get an apple though WOO! Tony called me and told me to have 1 TBSP of PB with my apple. I told him that is not a good idea. He said why not? So I explained that I do not keep PB in my house because I can't control myself AT ALL. So instead I took half a scoop of whey and made a fondue and dipped my apple in it LOL! I feel good though because I just know the PB would have been a BAD idea. I wasn't hungry at all yesterday either which was great!

I feel great today! I had my chest workout and I saw a vein! It's not hard considering I hardly have any fat there ;) I also am seeing my abs veins again. I'm getting super pumped up now! I'm no pro and never plan on it but i'm feeling great again :) My hips are still fat but they'll go eventually. This weekend i'm gonna cut stuff out like splenda, mustard, crystal light shhh....and maybe tomatoes?? It's the little things that really help. Remember this is for a contest and I don't recommend this for a person with a life HA! I'm skipping out going to the Lake this weekend because of my show for obvious reasons. As mentioned if you like having a life than competing is not for you. Or if you are freak of nature like Visionquester and still able to eat good things every now and again than good for you. Or if you have an iron man will power than have at it. For me i'm locking the doors for the next 2 weeks! Of course 2 weeks ago you could have sat a chocolate cake in front of me and I would have been fine. It's weird how you tastes change so much.

Tony also reminded me today about how well my body responds to the dry out....let's hope it happens this time too!!!

Okay time to get back on the treadmill!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is not a post of comparing my pics or anything but the way I felt yesterday vs. today.

I woke up yesterday and weighed myself...116.4 WTF?? Oh well no biggie at least it was a drop. I have been 100% clean, getting in ALL 3 of my workouts and only a .2 lbs drop. Then it happened....Aunt Flo arrived. Sphew, that explains it I think. Last year during comp I didn't have a period 2 months prior which explains why I had ZERO cravings. This time around I admit it's tougher. All I can say is thank goodness for chocolate protein powder and cocoa.

I went to Target and then took my dog for a walk. It was a great heart pumping walk. When I got home I got this feeling of being VERY tired. I laid on the couch. My husband thought I was dying because that never happens LOL! He got me some blankets and a pillow and I just laid there and fell back asleep. I attempted my bi/tri/ab workout and probably need to do it again today because I wasn't feeling it. I only had one more workout to get done and ugh...I was dreading it. So I got my shoes on and hopped on the treadmill. My legs felt like lead and I lasted 10 mins. Seriously I got off the thing and went and laid back down. I did NOT want to workout. I never take rest days but i'll consider yesterday as that.

This morning I woke up and felt tired still. Oh no, I cannot have another day like yesterday. So my husband and I went to the track and took our dog of course ;) I ran the stairs and did sprints and now I feel great! My poor dog didn't know what to do. Mike was running around the track and I was on the bleachers. LOL! She was confused. Her trying to get up the bleachers was hilarious too, she kept slipping. I was kind of worried about her but she's still alive. Then we took her to the creek to get some water and walk around. Of course she needs a bath now ugh...So anyway that's my past two days. I'm hoping for more like today WOO!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Checking in from Cardio Land!

Hey Ladies! I'm still around :) I got put on double cardio Monday so it's about all I have time for. That and preparing my foods WOO! I'm still eating my cup of oats in the morning shhhh....don't remind Tony. Actually i'm sure that's about to stop anytime now. I have 2 different types of cardio that i'm doing right now. The first hour is incline work and the second are intervals. The second one doens't have to be a full hour but I really love watching Reba so I typically stay the full hour. The inclines are AWESOME! Don't get me wrong I feel like i'm gonna puke but nothing else is gonna help this huge butt of mine.

Mon~Wed I was feeling sick to my stomach. I thought it was my multivitamin so I quit taking it. Well I think it was the other vitamin because I was still sick after not taking the multi. I love the other vitamin because it makes my pee look like Mt. Dew. So now I have clear pee again :( I feel TERRIFIC now though! I'm not really craving anything but I get bored at work and just stare at that M&M machine. I only stare though :) I can't wait to attack it after this show! Not really...it's amazing the stupid thoughts that got through your head when you're trying to get REALLY lean.

Okay that's all I have to report. Time to get on the tready and hopefully get this fat off my body! 22 day eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 weeks to go!

I forgot to weigh myself this morning like an idiot. Oh well, I took some pics tonight to send to Tony. These are after eating 6 meals and drinking 5L of water ;) I'm noticing small changes mostly in the backside. It still needs lots of work but with this new cardio regimen Tony gave me i'm excited to see the results! I was looking at old pics and the changes from 2 weeks to show day are amazing. I'm hoping for the same results this time around. Last time I wasn't eating this much and really didn't drop that much water. Maybe this time i'll have a miracle? Stacey can I borrow that Magic Wand?

I still have the butt shelf but i'm serious this time. I KNOW I will get there, I believe in myself unlike last go around.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still kickin!

I'm still going! My break last week really killed the pump I had though. I'm starting to get my groove back now. I think i'm about 4 lbs heavier than I was at this time last year 4.5 weeks out...BUT...i'm eating more and only doing 1 extra hour of cardio still. I'm trusting Tony knows what he's doing. I'm not sure what my body will do though YIKES!!! I did see some abs veins after my workout today though WOO! There not phenomonal yet or anything but i'll take them.

My energy was non existent today. I woke up tired and i'm still kind of tired. Not sure what that's all about. I'm not drinking coffee 3 x's a day anymore so that could be it??

I was suppose to talk with Tony Tuesday but still haven't. I guess I should give him a buzz.

I took my sister to the mall last night and bought her some new contacts. Afterwards she asked if I wanted to go to Panera Bread and eat something. That was a big NO. She said she wishes I could be normal but she knows this is just another way for me to feel good about having an eating disorder. Wow, she really does understand me. I don't know what I would do without her.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thanks for all the anniversary wishes, we had a great time! Thursday we hung out at the pool and went to the workout room. It was awesome! Then Friday we went to the amusement park...i'm getting old. First off when I do roller coasters I don't eat the entire day. I know, I know that's not good when you're in training. I was up 2 lbs on Saturday from NOT eating. I didn't get to drink my 2 gals of water either EEK!! Oh well i'm back on track now.

5 weeks out! I just wish my arms were more toned. I know they'll get there eventually. I mean I never thought my legs or abs would look like they do either right??

Mike and I are taking Boomer hiking this morning! That is my favorite workout because even though it's the toughest it doesn't last forever like the treadmill.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

9 years :)

Today is mine and Mike's 9th year anniversary! We're going to stay at Homewood Suites tonight in Cincinnati and then tomorrow we're headed to KingsIsland!

I weighed 116.6 this morning! My dog and I started walking this morning and got a little tag along. It was a Siberian Husky with pure white eyes. She was so pretty and couldn't have been over a year old. She followed us home and we had her in our backyard but she escaped LOL!

My shorts that I couldn't wear on my cruise are falling off of me now WOO! Well I could have worn them but I like my stuff baggy.

I'll be 5 weeks out this weekend so no funnel cakes for me tomorrow :) Boy that makes me sick just thinking about it barf!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just thought I'd post something at least. I really enjoyed my b-day cake on Sunday :) I only had 1 tiny piece and my willpower was in overdrive! I did have some peanut M&M's too. I was so tired yesterday and I think it was all the sugar leaving my system. I went to bed at 8p last night and slept right through my morning cardio and woke up at 5:45a. I did do it tonight though! My weight was up
.6 lbs Monday morning but I weighed this morning and i'm back at 117.2 LOL!

I got my new meal plan from Tony Sunday! I was expecting the drop in oats etc...but it's actually MORE food! It's like to good to be true! For those of you that followed my first journey and my second attempt you know that I did TONS of cardio and my 1/2 cup of oats turned into 1/3 cup and so on...well this time is totally different. I really hope it works because I feel great!

Thanks for the post about my tiny waist. It's really all i've got to cling onto. My hips are holding fat big time grrr....I know it'll go though. I really need to start focusing on my shoulders. After this show i'll have a talk with Tony about that. I try and try but you just can't see them. I can see them but when I pose they disappear.

I should be getting my car tomorrow! I'll be sad giving mine up :( At least I sold it to a guy I work with so I know where it'll be.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

6 weeks out!

I weighed in at 117.2 this morning Woo! I am still eating tons of carbs and only doing 1 hour extra cardio. It's like now my body is starting to respond FINALLY!

I also sold my car yesterday! Mine should be in Monday or Tuesday YIPPEE! I'll miss my car though :(


I was tagged by Michelle

6 Random Facts About Me:

1. I have a huge family, 50 cousins on my dad's side. We're not having a reunion this year due to the flood destroying the park :( This is the only time I ever see my family on his side even though we all live in a 30 mile radius. I wish as I had gotten older I had stayed closer to them.

2. When I get real drunk I piss myself...yes I said it.

3. I have to have my radio and air/heat turned off before I shut my car off. When I get into someone's car and they start it and there vents are on it drives me crazy.

4. I am a huge hermit. If I lived in a cabin on a mountain I would be happy.

5. One time in elementary school I was playing on the rings and fell on my face. I had a bloody nose and fat lip. I remember my mom coming to pick me up :)

6. I am a huge animal lover. I don't like to see stories about animals being hurt etc...now people being hurt doesn't phase me LOL!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


So i'm the big 33 today. I'll be the first one to admit I was a spoiled rotten little brat and got everything I wanted when I was little. Being hit by a car helped somewhat i'm sure? Anyway, this has been a GREAT b-day so far and my party isn't until Sunday! That's when i'll get my ice cream cake :)

Today at work I got to my desk and found it decorated with streamers, a box of See's candie, box of See's caramel lollipops and cards. Check this card out.

It says we "pitched in" for your b-day LOL! They no I never participate in those things :) Not that I don't want to but you know ;) Then the box of See's candy was empty with a piece of gum, inside the lollipop box were the empty wrappers LOL! It was great!!

I got $50 from my in laws too :) Lots of text messages and e-mails! It was a great day!

My husband who bought my pullup/ab tower for my birthday a few weeks ago picked me up for work and took me to get my hair trimmed. He had a nicely wrapper present waiting for me and in it was a cute dress and a nike outfit! I love that man :)

Oh and I forgot one little thing, I ordered a new car last night! It's just like mine only newer :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grow Dang You!

That's me talking to my shoulders. I hit them hard tonight! I can't compete with Stacey and Tina with little shoulders!

I don't like cherries and I don't like chocolate covered fruit however....dark chocolate cherry coffee is the bomb!!!

I'm still eating a ton of carbs and only doing an hour of extra cardio hmmmm....I hope my body responds once I drop the carbs and do tons of cardio. I'm suppose to weigh and send pics to Tony soon. I hope I see a difference. I'm feeling leaner and looking better but he always puts the smack down. Okay, I know my butt is big and stores the fat!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh Yum!

Okay i'm in Heaven!

I've got some obstacles coming my way next week. I'll get through....

Got the coffee at this store Harry and David.

I paid $15.95 for the sampler, much cheaper :)