Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'll try to make this story short. My grandpa is in the hospital. We found out he had cancer a few months ago and he went through radiation etc..I was there Thursday night and it just wasn't my grandpa. They said his calcium level was high and that was causing confusion. Normally I would have been a mess because I had only got 3 workouts in and I HAD to get in my 4th. Screw that. I went 4.5 hours without eating...who cares. I would LOVE to say that I didn't even think about those things but the truth is I DID. I HATE thinking like that!

Today my husband had an eye appt at 8:30a. We decided that i'd go with him and then we'd go to the store together. Well to make another long story short(too late) he was in there for an hour and 15 minutes. What did I think about? How I didn't get up for EMC and now i'm just sitting in the car clipping coupons letting my oats lay on my hips. I mean how mental does that sound?? So I decided to walk around town in my flip flops, it was better than nothing. We go to the store where i'm a complete BITCH and I know i'm being that way but I can't stop. I think i'm PMSing but in reality i've been PMSIng for the last year without having a period!! Okay, i'm going to make a DR. appt this week and see what's up.

I came home and ate lunch and went back out to the hospital. My grandpa is doing much better today. He knows who we all are so that's good. My eating hasn't been that great during this time. I had some organic chocolates and a bite of my hubs dinner last night not to mention the salad I got at lunch had peanut dressing when I asked for balsamic vinegar on the side LOL! Today I had some cashews and a half of a granola bar. I wish I didn't care. Those things aren't THAT bad. It's not like I ate a large fry or a thick shake but that is how my brain works and i'm REALLY trying to get it fixed. I have been looking at other blogs where people are "healthy" and not "neurotic". I tend to be the latter i'll admit.


Anonymous said...

I'm not as frantic about eating foods as I used to be but I envision myself as a 200lb girl for some reason. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and think--oh...I guess my arms ARENT as fat as I thought they were...I'm real weird like that. It comes and goes...You'll get over it trust me. :) I hope your gpa feels better and continues. That's always so stressful. How's mike doing? I'm past my flu I think, hope he is also. Just thought I'd check in. BTW--May 30th, from 9am to 11am there is a Zumba dance party here at the seymour health and fitness if you're interested in coming and dancing with us. We're doing it out in the parking lot to attract peeps! It'll be FUN!!!!!!! Prizes and etc. If I bring a friend I think we get zumba bracelets. woohoo. :D I'm a nut. Anyhow just wanted to see how you were. :D ILY!

Tearose said...

Oh April I know what you mean, *hugs* glad to hear your grandpa is doing better. I so know what you mean when you know you are being a bitch but can't stop... I have like one week a month were I am not a bitch lol.

Stef said...

Hi April!

I think of myself as totally nutso about this kind of stuff too. I am trying not to be, though.

I am really focusing on being a healthy, fit and somewhat normal person without going psycho if I don't workout or eat when I am supposed to.


Barbara said...

Girl..i was sooo Psycho about PMS'ing and being bloated yesterday. I understand...i really do.

Wish i could normalize.