Thursday, July 12, 2007


That is the number of miles I have walk/runned everyday this week. The minimum anyway. My little legs are tired. I'm sure i'll look back in a couple of weeks wishing that was all I was doing.

As much as I love abs is it really necessary to do 5 sets/35 reps of decline sit ups? I hope I get sore!!

This weekend i'm meeting with my friend Jodi to go shopping. I have met her once before at the show we went and watched a month ago. She is really cool and is going to do the show with me. We are very similar in heigth and body structure so it will be fun to see how we turn out. We are also both redheads!! Her stomach is flat though darnit, and she is only 24!! I told her that is awesome to start this at such a young age. Anyway, I love to shop!!

Mike is hosting a bachelor party this weekend. They are going golfing, playing pool and then probably to a "gentlemen's" club. Sexy Some of the wives/girlfriends are all upset and don't want them to go. I just don't get that?? If you can't trust your spouse your relationship won't last. I've always told Mike if you want to go see some boobies you will have to go look somewhere else because mine aren't there!! Seriously though, once you've been yourself you see it is just to laugh at your friends. The bride of the guy doesn't care that he is going, i've always liked her.

This brings up the fact that I have to go to a wedding next weekend. Ugh! I told Mike no more social events and I forgot about this. Mike is the best man and Brandon is my old roommate so I have to go. I'll just pack my cooler. Plus once I weigh this weekend hopefully i'll be at 115 and won't even thing of the lovely, moist, delicious, sweet, wedding cake.


KatieFeldmom said...

I'm with you ... I don't get it either ... let them go; they'll come back home.

As for the 5.5 miles everyday, WOWSERS, YOU ROCK!!! Was that the weekend challenge that Tony had you do?

Unknown said...

:-) Keep it up my dear friend!!!!

Its great that you have someone who will compete with ya.

;-) You rock, you absolutely rock.

I'll let ya updated on how i do with Tony ;-)


Stef said...


Hollie said...

April I think of you during my AM runs. I think, "if April's sprinting at 9.0, I can too!" Do you seriously get all 35reps of the 5 sets of decline situps? I've never! I wish I was weighing in at 115 this weekend, that's my goal right now. I'm not sure but I believe I competed at 113-115. I know the last day of carb depletion the week of the show I weighed 113 and you would have thought I was anorexic, it was scary. I'm sure you will reach your goal, you have been kicken some major ass!

Laurie said...

I'm with you too, let them go. I've always been curious and wanted to once with my hubby, but he's never taken me. I can't wait to get back this on Monday and here how you rocked the scale!

Barbara said...

Your looking so awesome and that attitude is rocking GF!!!!!

I never had a problem with my ex going to strip clubs and when/if i marry...I don't think it will be an issue then. It's all about trust and communication:)

Wedding cake rocks but the trophy will be much sweeter!

Teresa said...

I agree with you too! I have gone with Russ a few times (as in group bachelor/bachelorette parties) and I had a blast. If a woman is worried that her man will cheat, she should be more worried about him going to a regular bar and not a strip club.

The ones we have been to were really nice and it was made very clear "No touching."

Except for the women customers. They didn't seem to mind that.

What? That's just what I heard!