Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday

So my weigh in yesterday sucked balls. I weighed 116.8. I'm not going to let it discouraged me though because I know I worked my tail off, resisted tons of good food and did my best. I will however weigh again tomorrow just to see where i'm at. I always weigh less on Mondays??

I was so busy yesterday but I had a blast shopping with Jodi. I bought some new skechers and they are soooo cute!!

I think I wear flip flops to much and they are making my feet hurt.

We ate at Applebees's and I had a shrimp skewer salad and asked them if they could make it without the soy sauce and they said not a problem.

I took pics again and sent them to Tony. I know he'll come back and say I need to do 2 hours of extra cardio a day *sigh*. I know he knows what he is doing but then I read other things and get all confused. This is the reason I don't buy those stupid fitness magazines anymore they are all crap. I need to quit looking at forums online too. My body stores fat and everyones body is different. I need to remember this.

I'm going to take my girl to PetSmart today and then come home and hop on the treadmill for and hour just for the heck of it!!!


Reese Mortensen said...

Hiii sweetie!

Dont worry about the weight ok? If you are doing all ok, its not fat right? So relax.

And yes...for now...focus on what Tony tells you to do. You have to focus, and not let other stuff buzz your mind. I do buy fitness magazines to encourage me with the pics.

I also watch the day-to-day videos of competitors (Tamar and Valerie Waugaman) on bodybuilding.com

Its the best motivation, seeing them all buff and doing their day work....it motivates a lot! TRY IT! (Go to: www.bodybuilding.com then in their website, then go to videos, then see Planet Tamar, and Fit mission from valerie waugaman)



Lori said...

I hear you on the fitness mags. I'm hooked on them but when I read them I take it as it is. I like it just for the motivational pictures I think, plus It's something to look at while I'm doing low intensity cardio.

I think your weight sounds good, how tall ar you anyway?

April said...

Hi Lori,

I am 5'3...shorty :)

Stef said...

Hi April!

I hear ya about the confusing information. I get myself caught up in it and wonder what really works, ya know? I know that some trainers are big on cardio and lower carbs and others (like the one a friend of mine uses) aren't so much. It is a big jumble to me! I think you should follow what Tony says. And yes, everyone is different.....You are progressing nicely and will be right where you need to be come competition time.


Stef said...

Oh, the funny thing about my friend that uses the higher-carb, less cardio trainer....she placed first in her class in her very first show. Go figure!


sonniejane said...

What I would give to weigh 116. I am at 123 still and 116 seems like a million pounds away. Maybe, if I would work as hard as you I could get there.

Mia said...

Hi April,

you sound like you're doing well so stop overthinking and trust tony. i have a few friends that are national level competitors and they all do hours of cardio a day--but big T knows his stuff like nobody else-the boy is the best. trust him and who knows, maybe he will not give extra cardio anyway :) girl can hope, right?


Marthab said...

NO WAY! I bought those exact shoes last week before NY. I like em a lot!