Sunday, July 8, 2007

Party Pooper

My husband and all of his friends and their wives/girlfriends all went to On the Border last night. I chose to stay home as usual. As strong as my willpower is I knew I could not resist this again twice in a month. Instead I went to my mommies and ate too many pistachios.
Oh Well

With all the cardio i'm going to have to do in the next 11 weeks i'm sure i'll burn them off.

I just made an awesome looking dessert to take to my in-laws today. I have my 6 0z. of fish and broccoli in my tupperware ready to go like a good girl. No spoons or bowls were licked I might add. I really hope I make my goal of 115 this weekend!! If not i'm going on a tostitos, salsa and chocolate binge!!!!!


Reese Mortensen said...

dont ya dare to binge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wont be good for ya girl....plus remember that lovely vein? it will fade away if ya binge.

So keep frosty....okk???



Angela said...

Geeze...you have soo much more willpower than me! Your my hero!

115??? Geeze...what does tony have you doing???

Laurie said...

No wonder you never eat out - the willpower not to go hang out with friends is worse than the food I think. I love, love, love pistachios.

Lori said...

good choice in not going. For sure if you went it owuld have been near impossible...for me anyway. Good for you.