Friday, July 20, 2007

Photo Reel - this things cool!

Cool Slideshows!


amyella said...

Looking good, sexy mama!

Laurie said...

Wow, wow, Wow!!!!I wish I could figure out how to flip back and forth between your before and current pics - what a huge difference! I knew you'd changed, but damn! that's incredible!!

I hear you on the Met-RX, I hate no carb days, because I can't have my chocolately goodness.

Reese Mortensen said...


I love this reel. Sooo cool girl! with sparkles included lololol.

Take care


C2 said...

I love your "Got Freckles" shirt! Very cool! You are making quite the transformation. I admire you for being so strong and focused.

~ Elizabeth

KatieFeldmom said...

That is cool!!!

Stef said...

Oh HOW COOL!!!!!!


sonniejane said...

Cool! I got get one of those.

Anonymous said...

Hi April! I just have to come out of lurkdom to tell you how fantastic you look! I've been reading and following your transformation and you are definitely inspiring. Just love the Photo Reel, especially the sparkles. It's like saying, 'You ARE a STAR!' Keep up the great work!

Colette said...

Wow, putting it that way sure shows how far you've come!!! You have changed the way you look BIG TIME!! That slideshow wheel is super cool.