Friday, July 13, 2007

Who am I?

Wow, this week has been really rough.....for my husband. I have been a real Brat

Last night while peeling my eggs they weren't peeling right so I threw them across the room! It felt good and Boomer cleaned the mess egg shells and all. That reminds me I want to go check her poop and see if they are in there LOL!! That was a joke kind of.

Tony called me 3 times today right in a row. I must have been working out because when I got finished Mike said someone just tried to call you 3 times in a row. So being the brat i've been and to make a long story short.....It was Mike's fault I didn't talk to him. Well 5 minutes after we argued he got a hold of me. Happy

I found out the dinner for next weeks wedding: Grilled chicken breast, 2 sides, salad and dinner rolls! Hooray! I'll eat the chicken and salad YIPPEE!!

I tell you this week at work was the worse yet food wise. My company waste more money on food. There was Quizno's, Qdoba, Panera bagels, donuts, and today was Donato's. I did become creative though and made this for myself today:

It's my turkey burger with tomato, green pepper and onions. It looked like pizza to me. I thought I was cool until I got heartburn.

Hey Angela! I did get yelled at for sending that pic from my phone LOL!!!!


KatieFeldmom said...

LOL about the eggs. I really get frustrated when mine don't peel "correctly".

Reese Mortensen said...

I never peel eggs....soooo dunno. :-P

You got yelled because you sent the pic? Oh poor girl :_(

Hope ya are leaning out well...and....keep it up right?