Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Have you started yet?"

This was the last thing my husband asked me last night before we fell asleep. My last period was June 1st. So to ease his mind I went and took a test today and it was negative. YIPPEE!!

The wedding I went to yesterday was nice and a perfect day for a wedding. The weather here in Indy has been perfect the past couple of days. We took advantage of that and went to Brown County State Park(LOVE THIS PLACE!!) and took an hour hike and threw the football around for a bit. I wore my HRM and my average was 126 and max was 162, perfect for my extra cardio! Now no worries about when to fit in a workout today!

I just finished some asparagus and tuna and am ready to take a nap. I have all the windows open in the house and the breeze is blowing through the house, yes good time for a nap. Mike just rode his motorcycle to Zionsville, about a 1/2 north of here. He went to a BBQ that his friends were having. If I stay home no temptation.

Oh, at the wedding they had a chocolate fountain mmmmm......I just stood there and smelled it, it was heaven.


Reese Mortensen said...

hey heeeeeey, am baaaaaack.

Frigging bloated and tired :-P But ready to keep up again with the blogging.

Good to have done your workout in such a funny way!!!!!

Looool chocolate fountain,...for real???

My god...you could have found me there swimming....oh and driking the chocolate too!!!!

Take care


Laurie said...

You have such a commitment to your goals - I have no idea how you don't go nuts staying home all the time instead of going out with friends. You are so strong!

sonniejane said...

Oh just the smell of chocolate would send me right into cheatville.

Evelyne said...

Yay for you being strong and just SMELLING the chocolate fountain.

Question for ya, I asked Stacey too, what is up with the asparagus? Why does Tony have all the Divas on asparagus? Is it a powerful vegetable? Couldn't you substitute broccoli?

Good for you for staying home and not going to be tortured with temptation. I'm going to have to learn to do that.

April said...

Hey Ladies! LOL! I know later in life i'll look back and think how the heck did I avoid the chocolate fountain??? One of life's big mysteries.

Evelyne, you can substitue with broccoli or green beans. I actually love asparagus!

Trojan said...

Ha Ha..Chocolate fountains...That always reminds me of Paula Deen. She sticks her tongue in them on the show...LOVE that gal.

Asparagus rocks:)

You are being so strong girl...wahoooo keep it up!

KatieFeldmom said...

Yum -- I heart chocolate fountains. Good for you though for being strong and making it through the weekend. Your drive and dedication is extremely inspirational. Keep up the great work!!!