Monday, July 16, 2007

Someone pinch me!

I like what I see. We keep moving forward with no changes except cycles I will be doing over the next two weeks. I'll call you this week to discuss. Now...Stay off the DAMN scale...I mean it :)


I was almost depressed all weekend because I figured he would give me more cardio. I am soooooo relieved now :) Not that it won't get added in later, but the back of my knee is killing me!! It doesn't hurt when i'm on the treadmill which is odd??

I was told to up the flax oil a couple of weeks ago and I keep forgetting. Today I am taking my bottle to work and sitting on my desk next to my green tea extract so I don't forget anymore.

Thanks for all your kinds words. I would never doubt Tony he's gotten me farther than I ever believed I could. Here is a pic of me 1.5 years ago. Check out the roll!! I did step aerobics like a mad woman and ate what I thought was good. For my body I guess-bread, rice, sweet potato, and cereal = FAT(or maybe it's all the 7lbs I gained every cruise)


Reese Mortensen said...

Yeeeehaw girl!!!!

See....you are doing great!

You rock! I am sooo proud of ya!

Keep it up ok? You can do it ;-)


Trojan said...

Remember the old Virginia Slims ads..? "You've come a long way baby!!"..:)

Keep it up and things will happen.My old trainer Dave said he had a guy that trained/dieted hardcore for months and it wasn't happening...but he stuck with it and all of a sudden WHAM..the BF dropped bigtime and he won his trophy. Even the trainer was surprised at how his body refused to budge the BF with all he did and ate. The human body is amazing...and everyone is different.

Just stay the course and be positive. Good results will come your way.


Colette said...

You are doing great!!
It's been a crazy few days for you it seems. Don't beat yourselft up over what the scale says at a certain time...you know that one week may be nothing, then the next week WOW there it goes!! Your body does what it needs to do, and adjusting is just part of the course.
Oh, and I do like that picture of you...I see no roll. You look great then and you look great now ;)

Sydney said...

It's amazing how the scale can still f8ck with our heads---you made some fantastic progress!

Laurie said...

Well, you didn't meet your goal weight wise, but your attitude is 100% right on - you did what you needed to do and in the end that's what really counts. Remember, nobody at the comp is going to ask what you weigh.

Maybe our hubbys should get together, he had a rough week in the wife department too.

I love the figure butt!!!

I have to get the fitness mags, although I only get Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers, I can't to the girlie girl ones. It does drive me nuts the things they say I should be able to eat though.

You are doing great - keep it up!!!

sonniejane said...

I wish I was doing just half as great as you. Keep it up your attitude is contagious.

Stef said...

Yay! No extra cardio!!!

I would say just keep on keepin' on. You have plenty of time to be in perfect form!

I am thinking of coming to your show.....


April said...

Martha that is cool!! LOL!! I love them because like you, I have little ankles and other shoes look all bulky. These are perfect!

Oooh Stef, I hope you can come :)