Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Second hour down

It actually went really fast too! I watched Sunset Tan while I was walk/running on the treadmill. That show is gay but now i'm addicted. Since I have burned more than 1000 calories in just exercise alone today I better have lost some poundage. Plus I haven't eaten that much today since no MRP will be consumed.

I will not be stepping on the dreaded Scale though. My hips measured 35 today!! That is what I will go on until Tony tells me to weigh again. Now i'm off to a cookout! Don't worry there will be grilled chicken so it's all good. Screw it, I may even eat some carrots!!!! Seriously though my mind is ready this time.


Fit BItch said...

I love your blog... it keeps me so motivated and that I'm not crazy to be eating chicken day in and day out!

Reese Mortensen said...

You rock girl!!!!

7's are big??????? Whoaaaa, thats hard core baby!!!

a 35' hips is amazing girl....you should be proud'n'happy....you're right on track!!!

Dont give up right????

I am off to go shopping!

Take care


Laurie said...

35" hips - I am soooo jealous. That's awesome. I know you did great at the BBQ too.