Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Please take my poll :)

I talked to T and he said the chest straps are just bothersome so now I don't know which to get AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


Here's the link to the Reebok one.

The F4 and F6 are below under Change of Plans.

Thanks for your help!!

I'm ordering tonight!! So excited :)


Trojan said...

The chest straps are NOT bothersome, used mine for the first time today. stick with Polar...they invented the technology and are VERY accurate.

I had a wrist unit before and it would always read off other peeps transmitters.

I was wary of the chest unit but after today i am sold....and I am VERY happy with my Polar F6 in pink:)

Just my humble 2 cents

Reese Mortensen said...

I like the POLAR one.

There are special sports bra that you put the strap in and you dont feel it at all.

Polar is the best. I tried many others before.

Maybe i like it because its finnish? (I am originally from finland, sorry for a bit of patriotism here LOL, joke).

Suunto is very very good too, its also finnish, but it costs much much much more.

I have a basic polar heart rate monitor.

Take care

Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

I have the pink Polar F6 as well. I use it ALL the time and never even notice the strap. Maybe I would after a few hours but I doubt it. I had it on for a ten mile training session a couple of weeks ago and never noticed it. I even forgot I had it on until I was getting undressed for my shower (which granted, was only about 15 minutes after I got back...just long enough to ingest a recovery drink and get back out of the floor). I absolutly LOVE my Polar though

leslie said...

I have a Polar too and I don't notice the chest strap, since I place it right under my boobs where the elastic band of my sports bra is. One thing I love is that if the cardio machines at your gym can receive a heart rate, your Polar will display your heart rate on the treadmill or ARC trainer or whatever you use.

Marthab said...

Over on the Danitza board there was a discussion about this and a lot of people said the wrist ones were a pain becuase they had to stop exercising to get a good reading. Never used one, so I don't have any first had info to offer.

KatieFeldmom said...

I never feel my Polar F6 strap, unless I'm running too hard and I got skinny and forgot to tighten it. And then, it falls down. But really, that doesn't happen very often.

Seriously, go with the Polar .... you will not regret it.

KatieFeldmom said...

Oh, and instead of a Tony club ... we need to have a PINK POLAR F6 club. So many of us seem to have that one.

Anonymous said...

I agree Polar rocks....but mine is red :)

Anonymous said...

I meant to add....mabye the chest strap would be bothersome if we had an 80 inch chest like Tony...lol I kid I kid!

Reese Mortensen said...

I have grey polaaaar "Sniff Sniff"----will i be excluded'?????


Polar rocks!!!! LOL