Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Feeling better today

What a great day I have had today. I got up and went to Target, my fave. Mike cleaned my car out for me and has been Mr. Handy around here lately. He has been putting up with my severe mood swings too.

I had a chest workout today, nothing spectacular but I did it. I think doing it earlier in the day just isn't for me. My body likes to do it after 4:00p for sure. My mom and I took a 45 min walk with the dogs and had a great time! I only have one more workout today, 45 min walk/run. Boy it sure would be nice just to be a housewife. Mike and I are going out for dinner tonight. He loves this restaurant called Oaken Barrel and we just don't eat out anymore surprise, surprise. I made his day by telling him we are going there tonight. SCREW IT!!! I won't be having a cheat or anything although the Greek salad with chicken has *gasp* feta cheese on it!!!! I may even eat some of the pita bread wedges they serve with it. I just need this before I break down completely and lose it!!!

Amy from posingwear.com e-mailed me and said I should have my suit but the 9th!! Yippee
Once I try this on I know I will be focused more than ever!

Mike rode his bike to Brown County State Park today. I am not riding on that thing for 45 minutes, plus it's easier for him to concentrate without me on it. Anyway, he called me and said he was sitting down eating a banana split LOL!!! I love him! I bought him the chocolate chip mint muscle milk since he is losing weight too and doesn't need to.


Reese Mortensen said...


i am happy to see ya feeling better girl,

yeah...once you try on the suit.,...ya will feel much more better.

i chatted with amy too...she is waiting to receive the black hologram fabric to send me the entire swatch.

oh girl....i adore your blog!!!!!

Keep it up....and....dont ever think to give up!!!


Stef said...

Hi April!

enjoy your "cheat"!