Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Saddest Part of my Days

Is the sound of a straw trying to suck more Met-rx MRP out of the bottom of the empty cup :(

I absolutely LOVE my PINK POLAR F6!!!! Tony gave me a rate to be in between and without my HRM I would have for sure been way too high!! This is gonna be the best thing ever! (besides Tony of course)

So I got 9 hours of sleep last night so I woke up thinking all right i'll hop on the tready and think about how much energy I'll have all day. I keep thinking maybe i'm psyching myself into thinking i'm tired. As Boomer was following me all over the house this morning I told Mike "She must be able to hear it snowing up north." Then I asked him to vacuum the stairs tonight and i'll mow the rest of the carpet??? I guess I really am tired LOL!!!

My abs workout was rockin!! I did ALL of the 610 reps!! YIPPEE!!


Colette said...

610 reps!!!! Can you feel your abs today?? lol

Your progress is super great!! Look how far you've come and those huge changes you have made...WOW!!

Oh, and have fun mowing the carpet..lol

Reese Mortensen said...

Holy S**t!!!!!!! 610 reeeeeps.

You absolutely rock. That must feel a nice pain!

By the way...when will ya post new pics?????????

WE need NEW progress pics.


Take care


April said...

LOL! Nora, i'll take pics in a couple of weeks when there is a huge difference hopefully. I'll make sure my Polar is on! LOL!!

Stef said...

Hi April!

Awesome ab workout girl! You will be ROCK HARD!

I hope its ok to hang out with you for your show. Do you have a show assistant, like Beka did in Michelle??? I could help you out, if you don't.


Trojan said...

Awesome girl....Yesterday was the first time i completed all 80 V-Ups...i hate those!!!!

KatieFeldmom said...

Awesome!!! So glad that you like the F6 ... knew you would!!! Have a great weekend!!!