Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back Home Again in Indiana!

Wow I had a busy weekend. I went to Beka's show on 4 hours of sleep, not good:) I loved going to the show it was awesome! It was my first but definetly not the last.

Beka looked incredible! It was neat seeing her, Michelle, and Stef in person. I think I recognized someone else from tracker while I was there? I think I definetly want to do this show thing sometime. I have a lot more fat to lose and muscle to gain but I can handle it.

The competitors look so little its funny. I'm 5'3 and I swear I felt 6 foot tall next to some of them. I can't believe how tiny Beka is in real life. I can't wait for my abs to look like Beka's someday.

I took some pics but then realized I didn't have it set to portrait so some are fuzzy. Note to everyone: Don't have April take pics at your show:( Good thing Michelle and Stef were there too!

After Beka finished I went back to the hotel ate a greek salad with chicken and crashed. I was soooo tired and hungry. Probably wasn't the best thing to do eat and go right to bed but oh well. Today is a new day and i've got my workout done and it rocked. I am seeing veins I haven't ever seen before!!!


Colette said...

I saw you on Beka's blog so I wanted to stop by and say hi.

How great for you to have been there this weekend! So jealous ;) I didn't realize that the girls were so tiny (and you are too). I'm 5'6, so I would just tower them ;) Anyway, looking forward to seeing pics of Beka...that girl has kicked butt!!

April said...

Hi Collette! Beka thought she was 5'5 but they measured her at 5'4. Maybe depleting makes you lose inches too:)