Friday, March 30, 2007


It's Friday

I love this new MRP shake!!! I tried the chocolate today and maybe it's just because I am deprived of chocolate but it is awesome!!

I worked back and triceps today and I am increasing on weights HOORAY!! Man this shake is good. On my 5 miler yesterday my walk/runs were between 6.5 and 8.0. I always walk at 4.0. It seemed the longer I went the faster my runs got which I thought was weird?? So today I only had a 15 min interval at the end of the workout and I did it at 6.0~6.5.
Blushy Girl
I guess my legs were beat from yesterday. So I haven't got the dreaded detox from Tony yet but i'm anxiously awaiting it. He told me I will be able to tell a difference in my body from tomorrow morning till Sunday evening. I'm sure he was thinking fat wise but i'm thinking no energy! My in-laws are coming over tomorrow and my hubby warned them I am on a liquid diet tomorrow so eating is not an option. His mom needs to go to Penney's though so he is going to meet them there and eat with them. I love his parents!!

Okay, so Tony called me. Tomorrow I have a "secret shake" I will be drinking for breakfast and dinner. The rest of the day is chicken broth. MMMM...I can't wait. Sunday is protein only followed by cardio, cardio, cardio.


Chuck said...

I too am doing a detox tomorrow!! On a positive note -- think of how much extra time we'll have by not having to prepare any food :-)

Stef said...

Hi April~ Just stopping by to say hi!!!


Laurie said...

I'm anxious to hear how this goes.

Marthab said...

Secret shake? Dear Lord. What could it have in it? Eye of Newt?