Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wild Hogs!

I'm going to see this today! I need a good laugh so I hope it's good! I can't think of an odder group of guys so it should be great!! My mommy is going we me because she loves John Travolta. I am dragging Mike. He can't believe out of all the movies I want to spend money on this one??? I want to be with my mom too ya know? It starts at 11:40am so I woke up today at 6:30 and I am planning to eat my lunch at 11:00. I have to have everything planned, I am weird like that. Hey my job is a "planner".

Also I don't leave home without these:

Ooh! This stuff is great for PMS! It's Chocolate Caramel Enchantment!

Don't worry I will eat something between 6:30 and 11:00 also. Broccoli
I'll be bringing the big Espirit purse with water so no snacks for me at the movie!!


Marthab said...

I just bought the Tropical Acai Tea and it is soooo yum. I will hae to check that one out. I want to see that movie, too!

Anonymous said...

Marthab you are EVIL I want that tea!!!!! ;)

I want to see that movie too I think it looks awesome! Also that tea sounds good! I love tea!

Anonymous said...

That tea looks yummmy. Where did you find it?

So how was the movie?

Thanks for your post on my blog! Love to "meet" other Indygirls!

April said...

Hey Indygirl! I got the tea at Target and the movie was great!!

Martha, I almost got that kind, i'll get it next weekend:)

Angela said...

I have to look for that tea....it looks yummy :)

Marthab said...

I got it at Albertsons...do you have that in your neck o the woods?

Marthab said...

PS Sorry Stacey! :)

April said...

I don't have an Albertsons but Target usually carrys a lot of things. They did have the lo-carb ketchup I found one of my old receipts. I can't find it there now:( I found it online though I may buy some it is great on shrimp!!!