Thursday, March 8, 2007

Opinions needed

What MRP do you use?

Right now I am using whey, apple and glutamine which Tony says is the same thing. I do want to get one though because I had a sample of AST vanilla and YUMMY!!

Just curious to what everyone else prefers:)


I am thinking about the above.


Angela said...

I was using myoplex light, but it got too expensive, so i am using 100% whey now in the milk chocolate. I just use 2 scoops for each serving. Its really good, well either that or im tricking my mind to love it...lol

Marthab said...

I'm interested in this, too. I have been using Myoplex Original, for awhile now. I found a favor I love, but they were out at Vitamin Shoppe, so I looked around and ecide to try Met-Rx. It's ok, but the calories are lower and the protein is lower. I would love to hear more opinions.

Laurie said...

I just use whey protein powder, my L-Glut and a bit of fruit.

Reese said...

EAS 100% Whey--Chocolate.

Loves it.

Tastes good and creamy even with water.

Marthab said...

I use the 100% whey, too. But for right after workout I need sommething with a bit more oomph. The MRP has the added carbs and stuff. I am sticking with Myoplex unless someone comes up with a better one.

April said...

Tony gave me three choices and this was his first choice


For me though the cals and carb/protein ratio are off. He knows what he is talking about though????

Marthab said...

Duh, never thought about asking him. I might try that one.