Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy morning

Wow, I just sat down for the first time since being awake this morning. It's 9:00a (but really 8:00a) and I have already cooked asparagus, chicken and eggs this morning. Then I thought why stop there so I cleaned my kitchen. I didn't mop because even though it is gorgeous today it's suppose to rain and snow later in the week:(

I'm now sitting down eating my breakfast and watching Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I know it's silly but oh well:) Mike, Boomer and I are going to hike in Brown County today Hooray! She loves that place. We let her off her leash and she is in Heaven. Tomorrow is probably leg day and after this hike i'll probably be sorry I did it.

I found a smiley with Beth on it!!

Horse Racing


doidle said...

Ah! Brown County! My mom loves this place - she's from Paoli, IN (Southern IN). We lived in Indy for a while. I never got to go, but I'd love to.

April said...

Yes it is great! The weather was great and it felt good to be around all of the trees:)