Saturday, March 10, 2007

Picture review

Tony was pleased with the progress pics I sent to him. He said I am right on target with my weight and wanted to know if I am up for some macro-shifting next week??? I said yes even though i'm not really sure what i'm getting myself into!! I hope I get to keep this every morning.

I found the low-carb ketchup at Wal-mart this morning so I stocked up:)
It was so nice to eat the lasagna today! I didn't over do it and I passed on dessert! It was black forest cake and i'm not a big cherry person. I was so happy it had cherries in it!!!!


Marthab said...

What exactly is macro shifting?

April said...

I'm thinking it has something to do with my protein/carb/fat ratios? I'll let you know once I find out!!

Reese said...

hmmmm....maybe it's macro-roni and cheese?!!??!


sorry...it's the cough medicine.

Marthab said...

MMMMM...easy mac. Oh that was a bad thing to say.

Marthab said...

What is the white stuff in your oatmeal?