Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I love mornings!

What I love is when I wake up I see something different about my body. There is a new line either in my abs or on my arms. I can't wait until everything else falls into place.

Another thing I love is oatmeal!!! I could eat this all day, love the stuff!

Here are a couple of things I put in my coffee:

My poo poo powder and green tea extract. Vitamin World had their monthly buy one get one free so I stocked up Thumbs Up

Wild Hogs was a great movie. Not great like Happy Gilmore or So I Married an Axe Murder but it was cute and my mom really enjoyed it. Her and my hubby sat on both sides of me eating their popcorn. I didn't want any though, at least that is what I brainwashed myself to think. The place was packed, and as I looked closer it really wasn't full but there were a lot a really fat people who had to have extra seats at their sides for their fat rolls too. I know thats mean but it's ridiculous how fat some people are.


Reese said...

Good job on the No Popcorn. I hardly ever eat popcorn...and since I haven't been inside a movie theatre since I was 6 months pregnant with Ryan (que the violins) I haven't had to deal with the temptation! But I can remember the smell of it would make me want some...and then I would have to have Milk Duds with it!


Gotta go see a movie...

I'm kidding!

Marthab said...

I have learned to eat just a little, with nothing on it, or a little Pam spray. Which my daighter says tastes like perfume. Yum. Hey, watever it takes.