Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I love the UPS man!

I've been trying to decide on an MRP to take after my workouts. Tony gave me three options and I have decide on this one:

I am excited to see if it helps my progress! I will definetly miss my apple after my workout. Coming from an eating disordered background I just couldn't go with the one that had 350 cals and 30 carbs!! I will be totally mentally sane about this some day Bag Head

I had an awesome chest workout and I think it is because mentally Stacey put in my mind that the "MR" makes you stronger!! This is week twelve for me and many more.

I have definetly lost fat and weight and am anxious to pack on some muscle!! Flexed Arm

Anyone watch Lost? It is starting to go places finally!!!


Reese said...

Ohhh...I need to try me some new flavas.....let me know how it tastes!

Yes--I am making my way back to Lost. It was losing me for awhile, but it's been ok lately. Now if I could just get a decent Girls Next Door AND a new Office I will be a happy girl!

Tracy said...

I took MetRx when I was in my early 20's. LOVED it!

I pretty much stick to EAS supplements now. BUT Gourmet Whey Chocolate peanut butter is a MUST!

Anonymous said...

I *heart* the "MR" :)...lol...and as for the Met RX I'm anxious to hear how you like it cause me not so much. That stuff is so THICK so I opt for the Lean Body oatmeal cinnamon thing which I'm getting sick of as well...lol...guess they all can't taste like Muscle Milk and damit that one is a no no cause of the fat content....shhhh don't tell, but sometimes I drink it! hehe I'm so naughty....lol

April said...

I'll let you know how it taste Reese and Stacey. I have one more apple to inhale tomorrow and then Saturday I will start taking it.

Tracey i'll have to give that one a shot. I use optimum nurtrition for the whey. I've also bought the cytosport cocoa bean whey and it kind of taste weird.

Laurie said...

I've got about a half a tub of whey left and then I'll have to get me some MR too.