Thursday, March 22, 2007

Off day tomorrow!

Not from working out Teethy I had an awesome ab crit workout today! I took a vacation day from the place that allows me to eat healthy and have my own home gym. Here is my agenda for the day:

6a-wake up, why this early? my body just does for some reason,

7a-by this time I will haven't drank coffee and ate breakfast

8a-this is the best one!! I will be getting an hour massage!! I so need this!

9a-go tan

9:30a-home and take a shower

10~4:30-somewhere in here I need to go to Kohl's and buy new undies(mine are too big)

4:30p-get my hair cut

10p-drink a redline, going out with sister and her friends!! Cheers 2

I really need to quit planning everything but I can't Dizzy


KatieFeldmom said...

Undies are too big??? Right on!!!
Have fun!!!!!!!!

Marthab said...

1. Tony is ok with drinking Redline? I've been wanting to try it.

2. I have the smae problem with my bras (BOOOOO). I now have huge gaps between me and the actual bra.

3. Are you taking pictures at Beka's comp?

April said...

Thanks Katie I will!


1. I don't tell:) Kind of like the m&m's. If you used to be an ephedra junkie though every now and then you need a little kick. It's better than a real drink because with me that leads to two,three,four,how the hell did I get home??

2. I don't wear bras:)

3. Heck yes i'm taking pics!!!