Friday, March 16, 2007

Preparing for NO CARB

Tonight I am going to cheat. Yes, I said it. I am going to have a 100 cal popcorn and a Diet Rite! Watch out! I didn't eat my small salad at dinner so that my popcorn carbs won't be extra. I am preparing for my no carb day. Text to Tony:

Me-coffee and mustard okay for my weekend?


Me-flax and dry roasted peanuts okay? I know i'm pushing it now:)

Tony-flax oil is fine..,keep the nuts to a handful..,

Me-My handful or your handful?

I am not going to buy the nuts Peanuts at Target tomorrow. I am the type of person that puts the whole handful in my mouth at once. I do however have peanuts for my hubby that are shelled. I buy them this way because it's not worth my time to unshell them. I am safe that way. I'll post tomorrow how I am doing. Breakfast will be the hardest. After that it'll be a piece of cake. Mmmmmmm........cake Cake 2