Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off work early!!

I had to take this guy to the airport that I work with this afternoon so I am home early!! It is gorgeous out right now i'm loving it! I wish my dog still liked to walk but she won't go:(

Tonight is shoulders and biceps. I really need to increase the weights on the biceps but I can't seem to do it?? I am weak in that area. Some day i'll curl 80 lbs but for now half of that will do. It is 3:00 right now so I am patiently awaiting my workout. 4:00 people, you know I can't do anything off of schedule.

I'm Gassy


Tracy said...

ahh enjoy the beautiful day. It's gloomy here in Idaho.

Have a GREAT shoulder workout..I'll be thinking of ya while I'm doing mine. :)


Sydney said...

Really, I have to post "before" shots??LOL Alright, I'll do it quick and promise myself not to look. I mean how many people really use this silly little internet thing anyway? Oh boy...
Your home gym looks great--my husband and I have had a similar set-up for the last few years! I love it! I always justify my Tony payment by thinking about all the money we haven't spent on gym memberships. Enjoy the workout!