Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ultrasound, Puppies and NO CARBS

I had an ultrasound today to make sure I don't have fibroids or cyst etc.....I'll find out in 2-3 days. *sigh*

My dad's dog had 6 little puppies today they are sweet!

Tony wants me to try 2 consecutive no carbs days this week:) That means no oats Damn Damn

I'm not sure of the rest of the details he still has to give them to me. I said i'll try anything?


Marthab said...

What will this do for you? I think I wold cry without my oats in the morning. So will you just have eggs and nothing with them? Oh, sadness. Let me know how it goes.

Marthab said...
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Marthab said...
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April said...

I'm not sure?? I know I am so sad over no oats:( I think i'll do this on Sat and Sun when I don't have much of a routine. Who am I kidding my whole life is routine!!!

Anonymous said...

No carbs for two days? Ack! I think I'd kill someone. Or they'd kill me. Or fire me. But then I'm not kick-ass like you ladies!

I will be interested to hear what this will do for ya and how you fare. What show are you training for? I missed the Secret post (Thank You!) and obviously missed that too.

Cute puppies!

Angela said...

I hope Tony doesnt take away my carbs....there aren't that many there to begin with!

What kind of puppies are they? they are soo cute!

Laurie said...

No carbs would kill me. Secret post about competing??? I'm so lost, but it's not my life, so as long as you know what's going on that's good. :)

April said...

Laurie, you kill me! It's Oprah's "secrets" some show she did.

I will be doing NO CARB Saturday and Sunday. It is suppose to really boost my metabolism?? We'll see.

The puppies are chiuaua and rat terrier:)