Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mentally Prepared

I was getting myself mentally prepared for the lasagna, or lack there of, this weekend and I was there. Then the best thing in my life happened.....Tony called. He was cheerful as always asking how I am etc... He then without me saying anything said I want you to have a cheat meal this weekend!!! HUH? Please repeat that!!! This couldn't have come at a better time. I am proof that God answers prayers Bounce

So tonight I have to do extra cardio, drink plenty of green tea, and not eat after 8:00pm because I need to weigh in the morning. Last time I weighed I was 122lbs. Aunt Flo just arrived today so I am not expecting a huge drop, maybe even a slight gain??? That will make the next time a lot better though!!

My workout was killer! I did abs and tons of walk/runs. I am so happy I have my treadmill up and running because I was sweating like a ***** in ******.


Beka said...

Saweet! Does he know you're gonna have another one after my show?? :o)

I love Met-rx for an mrp, btw.

April said...

LOL! Not yet! I'll let him know when if he has me weigh that week and I've gained some lbs.!!!