Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Binge Day to Me :)

I had a wonderful day today! I was relaxed, around my family and I got some presents :) I am so stuffed right now though and it doesn't feel good. I remember telling Mike a few weeks back that I wish I could just feel full. I take that back I don't like it. I dont like the feeling of pizza sitting in my throat GROSS!

I only had two slices of pizza but went overboard on the ice cream cake. After we were all finished and there were a couple pieces of cake left that we were going to through away I made sure to eat the fudgy, crunchy stuff out of it first YUMMY!! I ate my last bite and haven't eaten anything in 5 hours. I know that is bad but I would seriously puke if I put anything in my body right now. I am drinking water though.

I have absolutely no guilt though and it feels wonderful. Yesterday on my no carb day i'm always amazed at how i'm not hungry at all. All day I had to remind myselft to eat and I don't crave anything. I think I really love no carbs days!! I miss my oats too but it's the price I have to pay.

So after today I am $130 richer and ready to kick butt the next 8 weeks!!! There will not be one ounce of non-Tony approved food touch my lips. Also,he told me, and I loved the way he put it, he will be having me do 2 leg workouts a week soon like this week : ) After doing 17 miles worth of walk/jog/running/hills/ and whatever else is left this weekend I can barely move this will be interesting.


Reese Mortensen said...

Happy B(inge)-Day to youuuu!!!!

:-) Hope ya had a great time...and...now on....oh gosh....you will be the figure queeeen! Yah baby! 8 weeks to gooooooo, start engiiiineees.


Colette said...

So glad you had a wonderful time and got some nice cash ;)
I was laughing about you picking the fudgy, crunchy stuff off...that is so me! Don't know why I do that, but I do.

Only 8 wks to go!! I have no doubt that you will win this! You have 8 wks to fine tune everything and get it in premo condition (sounds like I'm talking about a car). I can't imagine working as hard as you are doing...you are an inspiration for sure!!

Hope the rest of your b-day is great too.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your day of food! These next 8 weeks are going to bring some major changes. I can't wait to see your progress!

KatieFeldmom said...

So glad that you had a nice birthday!!! I secretly love my no carb day too .... don't tell anyone.

Laurie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!