Saturday, December 29, 2007

I love cottage cheese!

I'm sitting here eating my beloved cottage cheese, drinking coffee, yes with sugar-free vanilla creamer and watching my husband fold the clothes :)

I went to Target of course and tried some clothes on. Shopping just isn't as fun when you have a layer of chub. I was gonna get this one shirt because it had 75 on the back of it which was the year I was born. Then I thought I should NOT get this shirt for that same reason!

Here is where I bought the beloved mug.

I bought a bunch of happy bunny magnets to put on the girl's cubicles at work. The one i'll use for mine is exercise hard, eat right, die anyway

What's up with the word beloved?? I don't ever use that word and I used it twice in this post!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007


I just woke up from a nap which feels great to do. Earlier this afternoon I did a step aerobics tape again with Cathe. I had forgotten how much I love doing these! I stopped doing them at the beginning of the year as I was following Tony's plan to a T. I thought since i'm bored and not doing anything else it couldn't hurt. HOLY MOLY! My heart rate hasn't been that high in a long time! I was dripping with sweat and it felt great! This is what I needed right now. Of course i'll be doing my Tony workout at 4p like always right on schedule.

I've been eating good today also which feels great to do. I'm not eating like crap anymore. My food has been good and no carb like Tony wants but the peanut butter balls, oreo balls and fudge got me.

Oh and who else is mad at Stacey right now for leaving us all hangin!!!!!

My new mug :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

back again!

Tony says another week on no carb because he is "guessing" that i've been less than perfect ;) Who told on me!!! LOL!! Then he throws in the pics next week ugh.....I guess that means 100% clean for me now. I am still using the sugar free creamer in my coffee until it's gone though!

Here is what I will be looking like every night until it warms up. Well not as good as her but it's what i'll be wearing. My gumdrop PJ's!

HA! My husband is upstairs bench pressing after feeling my pec muscles again!!

The day after....

I'm afraid to brush my hair because I think it will pop my scalp. I'm not going to wear pants with zippers today because they might not zip. I will be careful with my ink pens today so they don't accidentally bust the sausages I have for legs......This is what you feel like when you don't eat clean food.

I haven't worked the day after Christmas in 10 years :( I'm only going in half a day and i'll be getting a lot of stuff done since there will be hardly anyone there. I got the cutest pajamas from VS with slippers to match! My hubby knows me :) I was happy and immediately put them on(after the groping of the breasts). Do all men do that? It like instantly hands on breast whenever he see them. I just laugh because well....there's hardly any there. Then I flex them and he gets jealous and tells me he is going to start working out Jan 1st again.

That is so not fair.

No workout for Mike in 6 months = 16 lbs lost
Eating more oatmeal and apple for 3 months = 16 lbs weight gain for April
*okay this last week i've been eating desserts but that's only 2 of the lbs*

Pretty soon i'll be back in my old mindset and avoiding treats and doing excessive cardio :) Until then bon bons go great with my egg whites!!

That is so not fair.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Was that a dream?

Did I really wake up at 1:00a and eat the chocolate covered pretzels I had made? YEP! I can't remember the last time I have done something like that! What the hecks wrong with me?

I'm not feeling guilty though just in shock. Tonight I will be eating more goodies! I don't think i'll be eating that much tomorrow though thank goodness. I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and do my legs today or tomorrow. Since i'll be eating more tonight i'll probably go ahead and do cardio. I've already been on the treadmill this morning so maybe I burned two of those pretzels off! HA!

I was at Target at 7a this morning looking for some dang replacement shaver heads for Mike. They were out so I went to Walgreens, they didn't have them. I then tried K-mart and they had them but $10 more than Target. So being the Scrooge I am I said screw it! Mike hardly has facial hair anyway he can wait until Target gets more in stock.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Presents under the tree!

I'm getting excited for Christmas now. Mike's got my presents under the tree and one of them is two boxes inside a huge Victoria's Secret bag!!! I'm not very girly so i've no clue what's in them but i'm excited! I know he didn't go out and get a bra for $50 to hold up my huge jugs. I don't wear sexy lingerie but I love jammies! So i'll let you know when I open them :)

I had a great time at the in-laws and boy did I eat off plan. I did counteract it with the typical 60 mins of cardio before I went. I didn't tell Tony about it but I know the old cardio trick. Tomorrow is my mom's Christmas Eve bash. I've been baking all day for that too. This time last year was when I was getting in touch with Tony. I can't believe it's almost been a year!

Even though i've put on some weight i'm not ashamed or in tears which is odd for me. Until last week all of it was from clean eating so that's good. I'll admit this last week there were a few treats here and there. Not to worry though i'll be competition dieting soon. It is very hard but it is so awesome when you seen new things happening and I love it! I like the bulking thing too because I can tell i'm building up underneath the chub. Someday i'm sure i'll get use to the bulking phase but since this is my first time i'm a little weirded out by it.

I'm excited about tomorrow night! I get to spend time with my mommy, daddy and sissy. Since mom and dad were divorced only 4 years ago it's still odd around the holidays. They do get along though and want to make my sister and I happy so we get together and have a great time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fun at home!

I love baking! I know i've said it before and i'll say it again :) After Jan 1st though no more :( I made these cookies and it says to gently place chocolate chip to make the eyes, not gently place the chocolate chips in your mouth grrrr!

Aren't these the cutest! My nieces and nephew are going to love them! This was first attempt and they are suppose to be a bit more triangular looking but oh well.

Back and abs tonight. I just did some extra cardio when I got home from work also! Offset that by the cookies I ate at work.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How did I do that?

Dang, I just got done doing an hour of cardio. My beloved ab day turned into cardio, not to worry Tony makes up for it tomorrow. I can't believe I use to do 2 hours of cardio a day! My body definetly did not miss that.

I'm am so ready to get work over with and spend time with my family. I love the holidays especially when I can eat and not worry about it HA! I did good avoiding the sweets today at work. There was also Subway and their cookies that I looked at but decided against. Why eat that when you have dry ass chicken. That is my new favorite phrase by the way. Everytime Mike asks what I am having for dinner I say it :) I know how to make non dry ass chicken but why bother. If it tastes good I may want more.

I told Angela in an e-mail today about something that really upset me. It's like I lost all my muscle. I went to the bathroom today you know the one with the good lighting, and they had changed the bulbs :( Now my arms don't look as big LOL!

My balls were a hit today and everyone asked me for the recipe. Oreos and cream cheese how hard is that? Of course I called them chocolate salty balls and people didn't understand that :) I guess there are no South Park fans at work. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Boy!

This is in my kitchen right now!

I love baking and making desserts. I can now do it without having to eat it all too!

I am on vacation today! I just got back from Squirrel Park and boy are they FAT! Boomer has a good time and I got an added workout trying not to fall on my rump!

I'm still on no carb and feeling good. I can still fit into my 3's also! I guess even though my face and butt are a bit bigger I haven't gotten as big as I thought. At this weight earlier in the year I would have never been able to fit in a 3.

I'm getting my hair trimmed and Mike begged me not to get it any shorter :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Tuesday! I'm on no carbs again. Tony said start Friday and he'll tell me when to stop. Usually that means it'll be awhile.

I couldn't finish my walk/run last night because there is something wrong with my left calf/shin area. There is a huge bruise on the front of it too and i'm not sure how it got there. POO! I think I need a massage.

So I did "alright" avoiding temptations during the work parties. I had a few cookies on Thursday but now i'm on no carb so i'm being good. I went to a Mexican restaurant with a couple of guys I work with yesterday and I got ice tea. The weird thing is that their food didn't even look good and I LOVE mexican food. When we were done and the waiter was taking their plates one of the guys asked me if I was full LOL! I got back and I still wasn't hungry but I ate my turkey anyway.

Bathroom lighting again. I'm starting to get some arms YIPPEE!!! Sorry for the work uniform but I told you guys I look like a slob at work.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I think I will just get use to this bulking thing for now. I'm see muscles and veins like i've never seen before and I love it. Don't get me wrong shedding the fat and really seeing muscle was awesome but this is different. Okay so my pooch is back and my face is chubby I can always lose that. I only have this little amount of time before my next show to build up and i'm going to enjoy it. It'll be worth it on May 31st. I know that i'm doing this the right way with Tony so it'll all work out. This is just such a different phase for me considering all year it's been about lose, lose, lose. I'm surprised I had the little muscle that I did. Looking back I was skinny and need more muscle so watch out!

I had a great chest workout tonight. I increased on all of my weights and it felt great! I also got up early this morning and did extra cardio. I ate clean which in my case still feels crappy because it's just alot still. Beka you are right though i'm starting to like it.

I'm sure i'll be writing next week on how I hate this and i'm a cow and I hate myself LOL!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get ur head in it

So it's the Holidays and i'm allowed to splurge right? I don't go all out and gorge myself with food but I will say that I am enjoying not being so strict right now. I am doing things I would have never done for the first 9 months this year. Things like use coffee creamer, eat nuts, drink a diet soda and I even had an ameretto sour at the Christmas Party last night *gasp*. During my whole cruise in April this year I wouldn't even allow myself to drink. I had chicken and pasta salad and a piece of cake at the party. Actually I didn't eat the cake just the icing :) My hubby and I had a date night Friday and we went to our favorite restaurant where I got the usual greek salad with chicken. Mike got an awesome looking burger and onion rings and asked if I wanted one and I declined. So why is it I can turn down food but at my mon's today I ate a piece of fudge? This was after she asked if I wanted a ham salad sandwich and after I said no she said oh why you can't eat that right now? I said no mom and I can't eat the fudge i'm about to either but I have my priorities aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there that's enough of that crap and as of now i'm starting fresh......okay after this cup of coffee with cinnamon vanilla creamer in it i'm starting over. I did however do cardio before the party which made me feel much better. Here is my party look.

With all that being said i'm getting ready to go do a workout!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Final day of no carb

Whew, this is my last no carb day. Day 6. I feel much better and I weighed 120.4 this morning. Keep in mind this is without extra cardio because i've been sick and i've snuck some chocolate here and there. Tony told me he knew I needed this mentally and that I need to trust him because he is doing what is best for me. Of course I know this but when you go from 107 to 123 in 8 weeks how else are you suppose to feel? So now I realize that when I need to lose he will help me do so. I do have my Christmas Party this weekend though so the fluff loss came at a good time. I no longer feel like chipmunk cheeks :)

So here is a picture of what I do after drinking my protein and taking a shower. It's also what I dream about at work:

Monday, December 3, 2007


I weighed myself this morning just for the heck of it. Keep in mind it's finally TOM again but I think that it's over now. I don't know what I was thinking since I knew I would have gained weight over the holidays. Well to my surprise I weighed 121.2! That is exactly what I weighed on Nov 18th! That is why I love keeping a blog I know exactly when and what is happening to my body.

I left work early today because all I could think about was coming home and sleeping on my comfy couch LOL!! And yes that is what I did! Tonight was chest and then I did my 10 mins ending cardio. It was nothing to hard just walk at 4.0 and jog at 6.0. Sorry Angela I know I said I wouldn't but I did :)

Tomorrow is shoulders WOOHOO! I've noticed Tony has been mixing up my days and workouts lately which is fine because it keeps me guessing. I even had an all tricep day on Saturday??? I likey!

I'm trying to stay awake for the season finale of Heroes! It's an awesome show! Mike is scarfing down pizza and probably losing weight chewing it. I had dry ass chicken with mustard, who need pizza when you have that?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Phooey i'm sick. I knew it was coming but i'm happy I almost went all year without getting sick!

Did a tricep workout on Saturday but no cardio. I just rested up today because that is what Tony told me to do :) I am on no carbs until Wednesday and it's good timing because I don't feel like eating anything. This is my second day on it and I feel better already.

My bicep workout on Friday rocked! I saw veins busting out everywhere, everywhere but that awesome bicep vein i'm looking for but I know it's coming.

We got our new couch and love seat and they are soooo comfy. I actually fell asleep on it today while Mike was at the Colt's game!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This cracks me up!!!

The Jones Family

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Could it be?

My face is breaking out, boobs are sore, and other things that may be to gross to mention are happening. I think i'm hitting puberty again!!! Oh Lord please let me get boobs this time too. I'm not asking for much but i'd like to at least fill an

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I forgot to mention what a great movie this was!! I want to see it again. I felt like a little kid sitting there with my mommy :) I seriously caught myself staring with my big eyes and mouth opened a few times. It was just one of those forget your woes and feel good movies.

I could have done without seeing The Bee Movie. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be IMO.

I was up early this morning and on the tready for a 35 min walk/run. That is my prescription for the remainder of the week per Tony. I just wish I could run faster in the morning but since one of my workout rooms is right next to the bedroom I can't :( Eventually we plan on building a patio and then i'll put all my equipment out there! I can't wait! If I lived in Florida I could just put it on the deck but since this is Indy it's getting kind of chilly.

This was the first day of my 3 day diet and I actually feel so much better. No yams, whole cup of oats, or rice. I know, I know, i'm crazy for not wanting those things. I actually felt a hunger pang today!!!

Mike and I ate at the table again....I love that guy :)

Monday, November 26, 2007


That was Mike's word used to describe me tonight and I actually agree with him. I can't stop flexing my arms and looking at them. It's like overnight they grew or something. I guess i'll quit whining about the eating because by golly it's actually working.

I got my Tuesday~Thursday meal plan from Tony today and it looks a lot more desireable to me than the one i'm on right now. Not one yam or any rice :) There is still an apple though and cottage cheese mmmmmm......I missed you cottage cheese(stares at the back of thighs*NO NOT YOU).

Mike and I did something odd tonight. We ate at the table!! We are going to start doing that more often. It was nice just to sit there and talk about our day. Of course mine has to do with my workout and my new meal plan cause I don't wanna talk about work when i'm home.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Before I eat another Thanksgiving Dinner

That pic below was taken 3 days prior to my comp. Sorry if I led anyone on LOL! If I still looked like that I wouldn't feel like a chipmunk face. Here is what I look like now. I'm not ashamed because it's all clean minus the few M&M's here and there.

Here are a few of my hair and chipmunk cheeks :)

I should have taken a picture after my hairdresser fixed it. It was really cute. I don't like fixing my hair though so it's really easy to do now.

I bought some hooker boots this morning to go with my Christmas party dress and I love them!! So does Mike :) Now I want more clothes to wear with them!

Next week Tony is going to start me on a macro stagging diet hmmmmm......interesting. I walked my dog this morning in what I call squirrel park. There are tons of them! They were all fat today and it was soooo cute. I told Boomer look they are starting their bulking diet over the winter too. Yes I talk to my dog, I know you all do too :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Betty Crocker

So my baked macaroni and cheese turned out AWESOME! I am proud of myself and hell yes I had some. My little reese's cup brownies were awesome too. Lori has caught on when I have something linked and you are on a diet don't look :)

Since we got our new laptop all our pictures were on the old one. Mike's dad is a geek and transferred them for us. So I was going through them and got a little sad. Why didn't anyone tell me how good my body looked?

Just kidding. Seeing this makes me want it even more. I'm so excited to see my new muscles. It just sucks that the cottage cheese and chubby cheeks are a part of it. Actually I can't believe how thin my thighs were in some of the pics. Here comes the negative side of my brain.....why can't I naturally be thin? Why is eating oats and yams making me bigger when some women eat like crap all the time but stay thin. Sure they are not healthy but they are thin. Then this side of my brain takes over....April the thin women don't look good, the feminine muscular physique is what you are achieving and the thin women on the tabloids and in crackhouses don't have muscles. It must have been the morphine I was addicted to when I was young geesh.

I saw the Bee Movie and it was okay but nothing like they hyped it up to be. Today I will go and see Enchanted after I walk my doggy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

snip snip

Mmmmmm...I'm sitting here eating my yogurt parfait and baking these. I also just got finished doing extra cardio :)

Yesterday we went hiking and I came to the killer hill that I huff and puff and whine and groan about. So once we started Mike said okay Ape here we go be tough and I thought darnit I am tough so I just took off and ran up the f*cker. Mike was so proud of me and my lungs wanted to kill me. Of course then he took off an ran the next 1/2 mile and I jogged it. I got done and he said I win being all smug and competitive as usual. So I said yes good for you high school track star I just squatted what you weigh yesterday and I still did that:)

I saw Game Plan last weekend and it was a really cute movie. My friend and I went to the matinee so it was cheaper because it wouldn't be worth the full price but the Rock was hot and the little girl in it was a doll. Tomorrow we are going with his family to see the Bee Movie. Then Friday my mom and I are going to see Enchanted. Mike and I have been renting the series Dexter also. It is about a serial killer who kills serial killers. My kind of show and it's great!

Oh yeah, seeing it I know i'm going to be thinking why did I cut my hair AGAIN! Amy Adams has such pretty long red hair. Mine was getting long enough to put in curlers until I went and got it whacked again yesterday :) I think it's cute though but I haven't tried to fix it myself yet so i'll let you know.

When I was taking my socks off today after the treadmill I looked in the mirror and saw a shoulder muscle! I was bending over so I think when I do cut they may be bigger woohoo! Oh I can't wait for cardio and starvation

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trying to stay sane

I talked with Tony on Friday. He asked me how much I weigh right now and I said last time I did I was around 118.4. He said that is fine but he would expect me to way more than that right now!!!! So I woke up yesterday morning, face feeling like I ate a salt lick the night before and weighed.....121.2! WTF! Well Tony was right as usual. The only thing that kept me from crying and not eating breakfast was the fact that we had talked the night before and he reassured me that everything is coming together as it should. So I found some old pics of when I weighed 122 before. When I was so happy to have been at that weight. Now it sucks :) The first pic was taken May 17 of this year and the other was Nov 15.

I'm just trying to stay positive.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh boy.....

Well I took some pics today. They aren't very encouraging except I have to remember that I will have to grow in order to grow muscles. By the time May 31st rolls around this will all be worth it.

I remember feeling so good when I was around 112 and actually buying smalls. Well I still fit into those smalls but in my mind i'm not a small. The mind is so weird.

I had a good day off even though work e-mailed me and called me because they needed my help :) Nice to know i'm needed.

These are 8 weeks post comp. My waist has grown 3.5 inches but my hips only 2.5!! My thighs are 2 inches bigger. You can tell my body really holds onto the yams, oats and rice. Blogger is sucking right now so i'll post more later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Vacation all I ever wanted".......

You know the song and no i'm not going anywhere :( I'm off until the 26th WooHoo!!! We were planning on going to Florida until Mike's tires went flat, laptop broke and then our Tv installation. Seriously though I don't have that vacation stress and i'm glad we're staying home. That is why I love to cruise. There is always a gym and healthy food for me to choose. I may be pathetic but that is just the way I am.

I got my $40 worth of pills in the mail today. Oh and my $80 of creatine and protein powders last week. No one said getting buff was cheap HA! I'm starting to get use to my chub now. It's not the same chub look as I had Jan 1st. Since i'm on vacation i'll take some pics, after I spray tan my white a$$.

I just need to remember my new mantra: I'm eating to GROW and FUEL my workouts. Mmmm....just finished my Met-rx MRP Yumbles :)

I told Tony today that I haven't done any extra cardio yet this week. I told him I would get some in since i'm on vacation. So my workout for tomorrow are a few abs and 30 mins ending cardio. He said to get some extra in and that is an order LOL!!

Mike has school tonight so I'll probably clean, or I could get on the treadmill. HA! I'm going to clean. Mike and I are looking at a new living room suit and it's dark brown leather and they are sofa recliners. Oh goodness we will veg all weekend if we got that.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Congrats Keisha!

Keisha placed 2nd at her first NPC show! It feels good to know I got beat by someone that can go and almost win NPC LOL! I didn't get to see her on stage but spoke with her Saturday and she said she had leaned down some for this show. I can't wait until they post pics.


Here's is another crappy photo of yesterday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kentucky Muscle

My friend Jodi and I went to the prejudging yesterday afternoon. All I can say is WOW!!! Those girls had it going on!!! I was in awe of Elaine Goodland although I don't think she placed that well but she is just beautiful.

Our goal was to see Jenny Lynn but I think she was only at the booth during the evening show so we missed her:( I carry this girls pic in my purse though and I snagged a photo of her! Miss Julie Lohre

My camera sucks taking pics at shows so they didn't turn out that great. You can tell how blinged up the suits are though.

Tony put me back on my bulking diet UGH! Yesterday I got a pumpkin spice nonfat iced latte mmmm......My eating was junk yesterday. I took a pack of tuna and a protein bar and that's all I had until I got home and ran to Arby's and got a Martha's vineyard salad. I'll make up for it today though.

All the beautiful Pros yesterday


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love oats!

Mmmmm.....I'm eating my oats YIPPEE!!

I am going to the in-laws this year for Thanksgiving and think i'll be making macaroni and cheese. I've never made it before so this will be interesting. The pigs I work with are having a pitch in next Friday so I may experiment on them. I try to educate them about nutrition but I think i'm wasting my breath. One of them grabbed a cinnamon roll yesterday and told the other these only have 4g of fat. So I butted in and said how many carbs and sugars do they have? She looked at me like ummm....I said fat is not the only thing you look at. I feel sorry for them because that is the exact way I use to be. Now I don't have to read labels because everything I eat is healthy obviosuly but you would feel sorry for me going down the grocery aisle. I think I have some sort of reading labels disease because I have to look at everything and try and memorize the cals/carb/ and fat content???? I never said I was a sane person.

I did my early cardio again this morning. I think i'll stick with it on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and stay active on the weekends walking my dog and stuff. Sounds like a plan to me and Tony thought it was great too!!

Finishing my tea and then it's off to work BOO!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Lettuce Post :)

Before you all get worried about me freaking out about eating the lettuce I better post something about it LOL!!

What I meant is that whenever Tony gives me a new meal plan I like to follow it to a "T". I use the exact measurements etc....and lettuce was not on this meal plan. So don't get worried about me :)

I hope everyone has a great week!!

Up and at 'em

I'm up and got my early cardio out of the way!! I'm eating my egg whites and realized I forgot to put splenda on them. They actually don't taste that bad.

If any of you are Colts fans you can blame my hubby for them losing. He has been on a bad luck streak poor guy. First one of his tire blew on him and he has a BMW so those things aren't cheap, second our laptop dies, third he backed my car into something and fourth he closed the garage door on my car HA! Luckily my little car is like me and takes a beating and keeps on kicking. You can't really tell anything happened to it but I can so he'll be getting it fixed soon. So when he went to the game yesterday I told him they would lose because he is bad luck. I shouldn't be so hard on him but he'd say the same about me. He thought I would be a lot madder at him after the garage door incident but I told him those are just computers and cars who cares. Actually I care but when you look at it that way it sounds better. I just went and enjoyed tea with my 81 year old grandma and one of grandpas just turned 96. Go bang my car all you want in another 10 years I won't remember that thing. (okay maybe I will because I love it so much)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hi everyone! I am doing fine. I have to get back in the swing of early cardio again or else i'll be over 120 soon! I did it last Monday but when Tony told me I may be doing to much I haven't done it since. I've also been really tired and think i'm fighting off whatever is going around at work. I've been no carbing it since Wednesday and have to say I feel much better. I don't know if i've lost any weight and I don't care I just feel better.

I did break the rules yesterday though. My mom, aunt, grandma and I went to the Tearoom again yesterday and had a blast! I had the same thing I had last time but didn't get the craisins, apples, or cheese or it so it was just lettuce and chicken :) I know bad for eating lettuce but oh well. I passed on the huge slice of chocolate cake that my mom got. The weird thing is I didn't even want it. I know no carb isn't a great diet and can't be followed long without bad consequences but i really do enjoy the no cravings that come with it.

Mike is off to the Colt's game. He decided not to sell the tickets darnit. They were going for $550 a piece!!!

I'm getting ready to go see my mommy. I'm chugging my airborne right now because she is sick :( I took a pic of my rump yesterday. ICKY! I'm getting rolls. They'll be gone soon though i'm not worried.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

10 months of progress

Below are my weigh ins for the the year so you can see where I started and where I am right now. I think i'll be weighing in sometime next week too after this 7 day diet. I must confess that Tony meals didn't say 3 oz of tuna, 1/4 tsp of flax oil, and an Almond Joy but hey it happened.

I'll take some pics soon. I can tell I am getting more muscle but on top of that there is more fat too with sucks.

I received mine and Angela's Arnold tickets in the mail yesterday YIPPEE!!

Date Body Stats: Weight Change % Change
Oct 30, 2007 117.4 lb (53.4 kg) 1.4 lb (0.6 kg) 1.2 %
Oct 6, 2007 116.0 lb (52.7 kg) 8.4 lb (3.8 kg) 7.8 %
Sep 23, 2007 107.6 lb (48.9 kg) -1.2 lb (-0.5 kg) -1.1 %
Sep 21, 2007 108.8 lb (49.5 kg) -0.4 lb (-0.2 kg) -0.4 %
Sep 19, 2007 109.2 lb (49.6 kg) -1.0 lb (-0.5 kg) -0.9 %
Sep 14, 2007 110.2 lb (50.1 kg) -1.2 lb (-0.5 kg) -1.1 %
Sep 7, 2007 111.4 lb (50.6 kg) -1.2 lb (-0.5 kg) -1.1 %
Aug 26, 2007 112.6 lb (51.2 kg) -1.4 lb (-0.6 kg) -1.2 %
Aug 22, 2007 114.0 lb (51.8 kg) -0.4 lb (-0.2 kg) -0.3 %
Aug 11, 2007 114.4 lb (52.0 kg) -1.2 lb (-0.5 kg) -1.0 %
Jul 28, 2007 115.6 lb (52.5 kg) -1.2 lb (-0.5 kg) -1.0 %
Jul 14, 2007 116.8 lb (53.1 kg) -1.0 lb (-0.5 kg) -0.8 %
Jun 29, 2007 117.8 lb (53.5 kg) -0.6 lb (-0.3 kg) -0.5 %
Jun 25, 2007 118.4 lb (53.8 kg) -0.6 lb (-0.3 kg) -0.5 %
Jun 9, 2007 119.0 lb (54.1 kg) -0.8 lb (-0.4 kg) -0.7 %
May 28, 2007 119.8 lb (54.5 kg) -0.2 lb (-0.1 kg) -0.2 %
Apr 17, 2007 120.0 lb (54.5 kg) 1.0 lb (0.5 kg) 0.8 %
Mar 20, 2007 119.0 lb (54.1 kg) -1.0 lb (-0.5 kg) -0.8 %
Mar 8, 2007 120.0 lb (54.5 kg) -2.0 lb (-0.9 kg) -1.6 %
Feb 3, 2007 122.0 lb (55.5 kg) -11.0 lb (-5.0 kg) -8.3 %
Jan 1, 2007 133.0 lb (60.5 kg)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weigh in

The big T man had me weigh in this morning. I was actually surprised! I weighed 116 on Sept 29th and that was an 8.4 lbs jump for the 107.6 I weighed at my show. So i'm thinking when I get on that scale i've gained at least 5 more. Well it said 117.4!!! I can't believe it! So of course I celebrated by pigging out on chocolate all day. I feel like puking right now.

The reason I got carried away is Tony has put me on what I call an -okay let's not get carried away with eating all the carbs and gaining weight plan anymore- for the next 7 days. I'm going to the Tearoom again this Saturday with my grandma, aunt and mom so i'm going to have to cheat a bit. It's so nice to be able to relax like that. Honestly since going through the first comp I realize that most of the weight and fat loss is due to the cardio. Also since i'll have more muscle the next time I hope it is not as difficult. Don't get me wrong the diet is a very important part and I will stick to whatever Tony throws at me just not this Saturday LOL!!!

I had a leg workout and it killed me. My legs were still sore from last Friday's workout. I actually love doing my legs now. Thanks Stacey! You were right! I also wanted to mention to people who may be new to blogging or trying to find a PT that Tony is THE best! I know starting out it seems a little fishy and you are paying all this money and he has so many people he helps. He called me last night and told me about Beka's condition. He said he just wanted me to know. How sweet was that! What other online trainer out there would do that? Well there may be some but none that I know of :) It is odd how he remembers and knows all these things. I'm sure he writes them down but at least he cares.

Oh and BTW that is not my friend in the pics below. I sure wish she was LOL! That is Jamie Eason and she sent my friend those exact suits she wore. Which reminds me I finally washed my posing suit......talk about procrastination. It was so easy to get clean too!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I want one

Workstation That would be awesome!

I'm not feeling all cowish today. Tomorrow it will happen again i'm sure. I notice when I take the Xpand is when I swell up. Hello.....the stuff is called Xpand for crying out loud!!

My friend Jodi who I competed with got these mailed to her this weekend.

Is she lucky or what!!!! Jamie had helped her out a bit preparing for our show. She must not have done as good of a job as Tony though since I beat her LOL! That was mean I know but i'm jealous :) Not really she is young and still in school and was worried about affording a one piece since they are pricier. Now she doesn't have to! We are going to the KY muscle show next weekend on the 10th and my goal is to get a pic with Jenny Lynn.

Oh also, Get better Beka! My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family right now! We need you too, you are like our leader :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone! I lost you all for about 3 days :( Our computer took a crap. Thank goodness for fantasy football because my hubby ran out and bought another laptop. He is all into it like i'm sure many others husbands are out there. This one has a built in webcam. Hmmmm....second job? LOL!

Nothing exciting happening this weekend. I went to a Halloween party last night but forgot my camera (sorry Angela). I'll be dressed up again on Wednesday so i'll try and remember then :) Mike and I took Boomer for a walk to wear her ass out. She has been so hyper lately. It's like she has DADD, dog attention deficit disorder. She is part border collie so I guess it's understandable. She is a very well behaved dog and never runs off and minds so I guess I won't complain.

Now I need to go and read everyone's blog and see if i've missed anything.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Confessional

Well here I am 6 truffles, 1 tortilla and many quarters worth of M&M's attacking my fat cells :) I don't know why I ate those things?? Okay, yes I do. I think depriving myself for so long has taken it's toll. I'm not going down without a fight though, what a lousy excuse. I have been eating my scheduled meals and doing all my workouts so hopefully i'll be okay.

I have been increasing in all my weights and it's exciting!! Okay, all but my dang biceps.....I wish they would get stronger darnit! I can't wait to diet down again after this mini bulking phase. May 31st will be my next contest if everything goes according to plan. Then the next is Sept 13th :) They are both OCB and i'm thinking of maybe doing an NPC but haven't made up my mind yet. I really don't feel like buying a 1 piece and may wait until I have more size before I step up next to those women.

Mike has school on Wednesday and I get so bored. I've been cleaning my house like crazy. Which reminds me the Yankee Candle Creme Brulee is the bomb!!

Angela and I have reserved out hotel and purchased our tickets for the Arnold Expo next year!!!!! I can't wait!!! We are going to have a blast and get to meet many of our idols! Of course the most exciting part will be meeting her :) She is going to fly into Indy and then i'll pick her up and we'll road trip to Columbus together. FUN FUN FUN!! Of course both of our men had the same thing on their minds.....Is she hot, can I stay with you guys, are you guys sleeping together?? MEN!!! LOL!!!!

BTW, sorry for the screen of chocolates. Isn't it nice though to have the willpower to be able just to look at the screen and not have to have them? I had it Monday but come Tuesday when the truffles were there in front of me I didn't hee hee!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Great Weekend

My mom and I had an awesome weekend! We got bodywraps and I lost 12.5 inches WooHoo! It didn't feel like anything though. Then we went shopping and checked out the fall leaves yesterday.

Me and the ladies at work drooled over this website all day today:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Feeling puny

I think my body is trying to get sick :( I have been feeling really tired lately and i'll confess Thursday and Friday I was not up early for my 45 min walk/runs. I just felt like maybe my body needed the rest. My husband said I was snoring last night which only prooves something is wrong.

Oh, the tour yesterday was awesome! I am so glad I went. Being a loyal Toyota owner myself it was nice to see all the hard work and quality they put into their products. Then came lunch.....lasagna, mixed veggies, caeser salad, garden salad, cheddar cheese biscuits, and twisty breadstick. The dessert was apple dumplings and peach cobbler mmmm.....I had a small piece of lasagna, one twisty bread and 3 broccoli spears. I wanted dessert soooo bad but I withheld. I'm glad they didn't have cookies because everyone knows those don't have calories or sugars or anything so it's okay to eat 2 or 3 :) After that though I was back on plan except for I didn't take my MRP shake. Yes I know favorite meal of the day but I was just to blah and I only worked my abs. Dang, I need to talk to T and quit making excuses.

Tonight I am going to a "ladies night out" party with my mom. It is at this tanning salon. We will be getting body wraps, laser rejuvenating treatment on our face, tans and massages! I'm not laying in the tanning bed though, i'll see if they'll let me do the mystic.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to Nashville Indiana. It is a yearly thing for use.


So far today i've gotten my Target shopping done, took Boomer for a walk, and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I think I may lay and let the nice cool breeze blow on me and make me sicker hee hee! I need to work my biceps too so gotta make time for that! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unplanned Friday

Okay, tomorrow I have to go and take a tour of a Toyota plant here in Indy. It is going to last 4 hours and lunch is provided. I won't be able to eat my tuna and asparagus at 9a or watch Regis and Kelly AAAHHH! I think i'll take one of my hubby's Zone bars for something to sneak while on the tour. All the people I work with will understand while i'm eating because they are all intrigued by what I do. I'm worried about the lunch though, I should just get over it and live for once. I don't have to magically lose 2 lbs this week or anything.

Mike and I are getting our TV mounted above our fireplace soon. The installer who came out recently to survey the situation called Mike today with the quote. He told Mike that he would install it for free and give him this huge tool chest full of $8,000 worth of tools for Mike's bike. That is like me getting a lifetime supply of hairspray. I would not use it. So I got this awesome idea, why don't you exchange it for the Colts VS. the Patriots game?? The tickets are up to $700 a seat people, we would be stupid not to sell them LOL!! That would pay for the whole seasons worth of tickets and then some. So the guy is suppose to let us know by this weekend.

I wanted to let all of you who read my blog and give me encouraging words that I really appreciate it!! I can't say it enough!!

Angela and I are making plans to go to the Arnold next year! YIPPEE! I can't wait!! Hey chic, i'll be out of the office until around noon :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weird body

Okay so today I feel like this:


Just yesterday I was feeling so much better??? Odd.

Here is a healthy pumpkin pie recipe. It is really good, I use to just make the crust and eat it. Use to :) I haven't had this in at least a year!! Hmmm....possible cheat meal.

Pumpkin Pie!!


Crust: 2.5 cups of oats finely chopped(use food processor or blender)
2 egg whites
3/4 cup Splenda
1/3 cup liquid I can't believe it's not butter spray.
Mix together well in a bowl and spread onto a greased pie pan.
Place in 425 oven for just 10 min.
Pie Filling: 1 can of Pumpkin Puree
1/3 cup splenda
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 egg white
2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 tbsp cinnamon.
Mix well and pour over pie crust Put back in 425 oven for 15 min and then reduce to 350 for about 25 min or until a knife comes out clean from the center......when cooled spread a thin layer of FF cool whip on top!!!

if you cut into 11 slices..they yield about...
82 calories
13 carbs
6 grams of protein
1 fat
3 fiber............ENJOY!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Manic Monday

Not really but I like the song. I'm excited to see other girls wanting to compete now! I won't mention names except for Angela since she has let her secret out and others will soon I hope :) Let's face it, I work out at home and will probably never have the body of Monica Brant but.....I can still compete and feel like I do. Okay Tony would kill me if he knew I said that so don't repeat that to him. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. I have really gotten over that this year though. Even right now after drinking this nasty NO Shotgun and gaining 2 lbs a day in water weight I am on cloud nine!!

Which reminds me, I measured my waist this morning and it was back at 25"! I believe it was the "peanut bear" chocolate bar I had yesterday ;) Don't worry I told Tony about that. He said that BSN pp may be causing me to store fat because there are corn syrup solids in it. By Golly there are too because I read the ingredients when I got home. So I will stick with Optimum Nutrition and the Matrix after my dinner from now on.

I had an awesome chest workout tonight and I am seeing thing and bumps pop out that I haven't seen before! Of course there are things I was seeing that I don't see right now either. Like my abs :( I know they are there though.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hey i'm alive! I can't believe I haven't posted in 4 days. I must have had a life for a bit LOL!! I'm still working out and eating like a healthy pig.

I had to send my pics to Tony yesterday. It is amazing how fast your body will go to crap in just 3 weeks. I know it's not really going to crap but it feels like it. I'm surprised Tony hasn't e-mailed me yet and said don't eat your yam, rice or apple. If he ask for more cardio he can kiss my big white, hairy, freckled, big toe. I'm already up every morning before work doing 45 mins after I told hubby he'd get to not hear that for awhile.

Mike and I went out to eat with his parents last night at my favorite place so I could have my greek salad with chicken. I don't like wearing clothes. There, I said it. So anyway I was wearing my 3/4 jeans that still fit me :) These will probably be my "Amyella" jeans that only fit certain times of the year, we'll see. As soon as Mike's parents left the house, Mike's said okay you can go get undress now. He knows how much I hate to wear "real" clothes.

Today Jodi and I are meeting at Ruby Tuesday's. I've already checked the nutritional info online so I know what i'm getting. This is the girl who got 3rd at my show. I'll be wearing my comfy clothes to meet her because she is cool like that and I don't feel a need to "impress" her. Then there is an outlet mall we are going to go walk around. After spending over $300 in supplements this month I don't know if i'll be doing any real shopping. Who am I kidding it's in my blood.

I still have my biceps workout from yesterday to complete. I didn't do it because his parents were coming at 4 and that would throw my whole schedule off with the timing of all that I have to do shake wise around my weight workout. So i'll do it today :)

Getting ready to take my fur baby for a walk! I did this yesterday too and it burns 275 cals plus it's fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Burning the fat, feeding the muscle

Yes, I do have that e-book but haven't really read it. Anyway, i'm back to my burning fat cardio session!

Week post comp - 1098 cals burned(weak, i burned that in a day pre comp)
Last week - 3742 cals
This week - 1299 yeah baby, that's more like it!!

I have noticed my strength coming back which is nice. I have also noticed I feel like puking right around now, 6:00p. This is after my Met-rx shake and this post workout concoction that I take. One more hour and I get to stuff my face with chicken and yam :) Have I mentioned I don't like eating this much LOL!!


This is how I feel today and I feel it kicking also.

Dang, I really just measured my waist and it 26"!!! It was 23.5 at comp time! LOL!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


I just started weight training and found you as my insiration:) I came across your profile on bodyspace and I see your body as an achievable goal for me. I am 5'3" and 112 lbs. I've been a Pilates devotee for 6 years and have decided to step it up a notch by joining the gym and working my ass off...literally!! You are now taped to my fridge...hope you don't mind being there amoungst the kids drawings:)
You look fantastic! Best of luck to you in all your own goals!!

This was in my myspace message box today! That makes all of this worth it! I wish I could help other people physically and mentally but my way is to drive past the MCDonald's and yell LARD ASSES!! Yes, i'm not a people person :) I was leary about posting my pics on the internet and especially on myspace. I wanted all those "perfect" girls I went to school with though to see me now. Over 30 and getting better with age. Wow, I can't wait to workout now! I'm not feeling as puffy this is what i'm feeling like today now:

The Damage

So Saturday was my weigh-in. A whopping 116 lbs! I was a little freaked out but not too bad. I realize I need this to get muscle and what Pro weighs 107 lbs?? Then it happended.....Tony called. I swear that man has ESP. He wanted to see how I was doing how my body was feeling etc. So I told him even my lips feel swollen and I just feel uncomfortable. He described a couple of different bloat feeling and let me know that mine is just water around my muscle right now and that is what we want. So I guess i'll quit griping.

I had my cheat on Sunday, another yogurt parfait :) I know nothing exciting but i'm waiting for a big craving like pizza or mexican before I waste a cheat day. Mike and I grilled out Buffalo burgers yesterday and they were delicious! I even took a bite of the baked beans. *gasp* Then that was enough for me. I remember before my show thinking I can't wait to just crack open an beer and grill out and have a food of the things I can't right now. So I sort of did that, no beer for me just because what is the point really, plus it slows the metabolism down and I surely don't need that right now with all the yams, rice and apples. I did have that bite of baked beans though and they didn't taste that good. Now the buffalo burger rocked! I have one left over and i'm gonna eat it tonight :)

Hope this week flies by!

Friday, October 5, 2007

This is what I feel like.......

This is what I really look like

Sorry about the crappy photo. My battery died right after this.

The only time I ate crap was the 3 days after my show. The PB&J french toast, the pizza, the M&M's and then it's the Tony diet. Dang, I knew I needed to gain to build muscle but I don't like it!!! Plus I think the "goods" I got on Wednesday immediately put 5lbs on me!! I take a shake 30 mins before I work out with 16 oz of water, then after workout another concoction with 16 oz of water and then my MRP with another 16 oz of water. Then an hour later I have to eat then another hour later another shake!!!! Can you say BARF!!!

Tony wants me to weigh tomorrow EEK! He then wants me to take pictures next weekend. I expressed my concern of gaining weight and how my body loves holding onto fat. Of course I know he knows what he is doing but I don't know if my body knows what he is doing HA!

I'm so glad the weekend is here....i'm ready to chill.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Watch Me Grow!

Alright, I got my goods now watch me grow! Thank the Lord my car got paid off this month :)

From this:

To this:

I'm glad i'm not the only one who can't pass up my forbidden foods. Colette what is your secret???? Let's just say those were in my house last week and are gone now. Put real food in front of me and i'll tell you no thanks but now a jar of PB, I couldn't resist.

My head is back in the game now though. I'm a little more relaxed about it. I made my husband spaghetti last night and I actually ate about 5 of the noodles. That is pushing for me because I would have never done that before my show. I need to grow though so it's okay, plus they were whole wheat noodles. Even though I don't get to eat what I fix my hubby I still make him eat healthy stuff. For garlic bread I made him toast and put smart balance butter on it will garlic salt seasoning. He loved it too!! He's lucky there just happened to be bread in the house from when I made PB&J french toast mmmmmm......PB&J french toast.

I haven't weighed myself since Friday and I don't think I will. I can't see my abs as well and I'm really not worried about it. I'll take some pics tonight or tomorrow so I can post what I look like 2 weeks post show :) I can't wait to get some veins and bigger muscles though. Tony rocks and really gets you mentally prepared!!! I'm ready to do this. Watch out NPC girls here I come!!! Next year i'll go ahead and do my OCB contest again and win 1st this time. HUH? WHAT? Is this shy innocent April talking???

Oh yes! Laurie I get my shake again WOOHOO! That is back to my favorite meal of the day now. Did I mention I get apples, rice, yams and raspberries and so much oatmeal that I almost puke every morning??? Hey, it's been 9 months since I feel like i've eaten anything.

Monday, October 1, 2007

5 forbidden foods

Here is a list of foods I WON'T be keeping in my house:

1. Peanut butter
2. Trail mix
3. Nuts of any variety
4. Chocolate of any kind
5. Peanut M&M's

I'm back on track to gain muscle and not fat and it feels great! My diet to build muscle up is awesome!! I am eating more carbs in a day than I was in a whole week! Of course I am worried about getting fat but Tony told me he's never lied to me yet and I should trust him. He reminded me of the time when he told me the weight I would compete at and I said "yeah right". Well, he was right!

The Colt's game was awesome last night. I got my Diet Coke and peanuts :) My eating was awful yesterday. I had oats with protein powder,salad with chicken, zone bar, peanuts, and a martha's vineyard salad from Arby's. I should have taken something extra to the game because I went for like 4 hours without food NOT GOOD!!

I am really bloated right now. My stomach looks awful! It's because I got this new gum with Xyitol or something like that in it. That stuff kills me!!! I can't wait until it's all out of my system and neither can Mike! I even think Boomer leaves the room when something slips out :)

Today is customer service appreciation week. They had donuts, chili w/ PB sandwiches, cookies and brownies for everyone. Boy am I glad I have a new plan to follow!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I was trying to be naughty

The tearoom was great! We all had a terrific time! My chicken salad was tasty and it had apples shhhh.....I actually bought this dessert at Target today. Just as a joke I sent the picture to Tony and ask if I can include this in my new plan. To my suprise here is his answer "great....put a little cinnamon on it and it'll be perfect" HUH? WHA-WHA-WHA??? I told him I was trying to be naughty! I think I am going to like gaining this muscles :)

When I was buying asparagus at Target the young clerk asked me what it was?? I should have said avacado since those are waaayyy cheaper.

My mom really approved of my addage of 5 lbs. to my body :) I forgot to metion but when she was putting tanner on me she started tearing up saying I was too thin....it was kind of sad. I told her you see me eat all the time mom. I have just been doing A LOT of carido don't worry. My aunt and mom are both wanting me to make them a new diet now. I told them try www.dreambodies.net his name is Tony LOL!! Which also reminds me that on show day during the prejudging and actual show I went to my mom's and sent Tony a pic from her computer. He said it took him a while to figure out who it was LOL!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Woohoo! It's Friday!

My week of relaxed eating and workouts is almost over. This week Tony gave me 35 mins walk for monday, 1 hour walk for Tuesday, Full body Wednesday, Abs Thursday, Full body Friday and Abs Saturday. I'll be doing a bit extra cardio on Sat. and Sunday too :) Remember the weights were only because I asked and i'm glad I did!

I went out to Chili's for lunch today and ordered the tilapia and veggies. It feels good to be able to hang with my co-workers again. Actually once I told them I couldn't eat out with them anymore they stopped eating out on Friday's too. I guess i'm the glue LOL!! We all had a good time today though. I did well with my meals but there were a bunch of M&M's and boston baked beans througout the day too. Oh and one Reese's cup, I really don't even like those either????

I have to say since I COULD eat bad once and again I am surprised at how well I didn't let it get out of control. Oh which reminds me that I weighed in this morning at 112.4 so i've gained 4.8 lbs!! It feels good though and i'm not worried about it. I know Tony is putting together an awesome new program for me to start on Monday.

Tomorrow I am going to Auntie M's tearoom and I can't wait!!! I may take my camera because the place is just to dang cute! I am also going out dancing and possibly drinking a few with my sister tomorrow night. Now my hubby says he may want to go too! I'm usually the life of the party when we go out but when he's out it's all on him!! I told him he just wants to go because he sees how hot I can be now HA!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Refreshed and back at it ........sort of

Today was my first weight workout since last Wednesday. I actually asked Tony for it HA! He wanted me to just do some light cardio all week but I was going nuts!!! It felt good too so i'm glad to get my body pumpin again!

Okay here the food damage and no I'm not going to weigh myself :) Actually I haven't been that bad and Tony told me to go ahead and have one cheat meal a day if I wanted. I've tried not to but.....it happens! Sunday was the worst! I had all those dark chocolate M&M's, PB&J french toast, leftover BBQ chicken pizza, rice cakes, PB&J sandwich, Mocha Frappicino, i'm sure i'm forgetting some things in there but lets just say the PB is gone :) I threw away an unopened pkg of rice cakes just cause I knew I would eat them if they were there. Monday I had 7 no bake cookies mmmmmm.....talk about being sick later ugh! Then Tuesday I had more BBQ chicken pizza that this guy I work with made from scratch YUM! Everything else has been healthy though so that good. Mike and I went out to the Outback last night and I had the Ahi tuna salad and avoided the bread basket. Yes, will power is coming back!

While we were there I told him that I would cheat at least once a month. He was happy to hear that. Then after talking with Tony the plan he is going to put me on will include weekly cheats!! HUH WHAT!!!!????? YIPPEE! I told him I may not take them that often and he said that's okay just do what I need to and we can reevaluate at any time. I love him! In a non-sexual way of course;)

So Monday i'll start my new plan until then i'm eating clean with a few crappy things thrown in there. Today my meals went like this:

1/2 cup egg whites/oats
3 oz tuna, 3 oz green beans
1 chicken salad
1 whole bag of trail mix
skipped whey shake (sick of trail mix)
worked out
skipped MRP (still sick of trail mix)
Chicken and asparagus

See it looks good except the trail mix LOL!!!!

One more thing, I was burning 6000+ cals a week and so far i've burned 842 this week hee hee! That's less than one day during prep! Ahhhhhh relaxing :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wonderful day

Hello everyone!! I have such a fabulous time yesterday! I didn't even have time to think about how hungry and dried out I was :) It seemed like after prejudging everyone went out to eat and got hamburgers etc....not me. I ate my chicken and asparagus and sipped my water. It worked too because I wasn't all bloated for the night show!

There were 9 girls total. 4 shorties and 5 talls. I got 2nd in the shorties and 2nd in the open class. I felt awesome all day long! My pooch was gone and my fat wasn't hanging over the sides of my suit which made me very happy. The T-walk was so much fun and my song was The Whistle Song and everyone loved it. Keisha who I knew would win if you've followed my blog ended up winning the whole Ms. Indiana Naturals title so that is who I got beat by and that makes me happy :) She has also been training for 13 years vs. my 9 months. I can't imagine where Tony will have me in 3 years when I can start competing in the masters division!!! So since Keisha can't win next year i'll do that one again so I can take the novice title :)

I was debating on another on Nov 17th but my husband said No you need a break :) My workouts from Tony the next couple of days are 35 mins walks. aaaahhhhh....I'm not going to know what to do!!!! This will be my last day for crap food though. I made Mike throw the rest of the M&M's away so I wouldn't eat them(sorry Stacey). This morning I made PB&J french toast mmmmmm........Now mom and I are going for frappiccino's! I'll get the small one though :) Tomorrow starts my "cleaner" eating program though. I know the fatties at work are bringing me in goodies so i'll try some in moderation. I just have to look at the rolls on their backs and remember why I don't eat like them. I didn't get to 107lbs. by eating donuts and bagels everyday.

That reminds me. Keisha ate at the ribfest a couple weekends ago and felt guilty and did an hour of cardio. I told her oh that's nice I've eaten nothing but chicken and asparagus for the past 2 months and do two hours of cardio plus everyday. Then at lunch she went and ate McDonald's!!!! Good thing she is super sweet or I would really hate her LOL!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went to bed at 7:30 last night!! I was so tired and i'm glad because that way I wasn't up thinking about things. I'm heading over to my mom this morning for more tanner, makeup, and hair :)

I'm really not nervous yet. I guess whatever happens happens. I know this has been a great experience and I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Well, expect for shoot a basketball through a hoop or hit a ball with a bat, you get the point;)

Right now i'm thirsty and hungry. Honestly, this is the first time I can say that i've been "hungry". Of course there have been times when I wish I could eat more but not because I was hungry. I can't wait until after prejudging so I can have some water! Tony told me to take it easy and don't pig out like all the other girls will be. He wants me nice and not bloated for the night show hee hee! He knows now that my body like to hold water and that freaking pooch is still there although it's probably not that bad.

MMMMM.....I can hear the dark chocolate M&M's, maple nut goodies, and toffifays calling my name :) Right before stage time I get to have rice cakes with PB and honey on them!! Plus a glass of red wine! I don't really like wine or have any so i'm not sure if i'll have any of that or not??? This is suppose to bring out vascularity but i've only got veins in my abs and shoulders so i'm not going to have that awesome biceps vein :( I'll keep trying for it after this though!

Tonight we are hitting Uno's Pizzeria! I'm getting the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza mmmmm......i'm going to try and not act like a starved person and just eat a little bit. I know I will get sick if not. To drink I just want a diet coke and may even skip dessert???? Me skip dessert!!! Well I do have that goody bag and i'm sure i'll have plenty of it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I passed!!

My polygraph that is LOL!! Now i'm just sitting around eating dry chicken and waiting for my mom to get off work to start to apply tanner. I'm so sick of practicing my poses because I know when I get up there i'll be like this.

So i'm just going to relax a bit, not to much cause I need to fall asleep tonight sometime!!

Colette, I love frogs :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

As promised ;)

Here are pics after me carbing it up for the past two days :)

Now here are pics of the wonderful shirt that was sent to me by MARTHA! Thanks a bunch!!!!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! They really motivate me to make you all proud!!!

Mission today new jeans

Okay summer is almost over and the new shorts I had bought are all big now :( I guess really I should be happy. So if it ever cools down I thought I know my jeans probably won't fit. Boy was I right.

In the back pick you can really see the wads of fat that just won't got away! See I wasn't making it up!!

I can't wait until 3:00 to go and get my foot massage and pedicure aaaahhhh......I am off today and tomorrow so why was I up at 5:15a??? Instead of getting out of bed though I just laid there and relaxed. Thank you Boomer for not coming and getting mommy out of bed. Mike's alarm went off and that is when I got up and then I made him a ham,cheese, and egg sandwich :)

I'll take some pics later. I'm stilling getting plenty of carbs today YAHOO!!!

Weight this morning 109.2 LOL!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

109.2 before carb load ;)

Here's me today! I know i'm crazy but I still have fat in the back where my hips are....and a pooch. Oh well, i'm proud of the job i've done anyway. This is only the beginning. I was told to eat a double cheeseburger today! LOL!!

Yo Yimmity Yam!!

Today is my carbiliscious day!! Woohoo!! I have oatmeal running out of my ears right now and I need to go grab some more yams at lunch. Tony asked if I had any and I though "Now why would I have yams?" I haven't had them since a couple meals plans back when I was on that same one for 5 or 6 weeks??? LOL!!

I am anxious to see if my energy level is better tonight and mind isn't so foggy.

Ugh....I don't know if I can eat all of this hee hee!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 days!! 109.8

So I'm not sure if i'll make the dreaded 105 but I have some time to lose more.

I've been a real meany to everyone lately. I mean people I work with, Tony, and of course Mike but he's use to it.

For instance:
This lady brought in brownies with chocolate icing and powdered sugar and all the girls were all excited. One of them said oh April I bet you are hating her right now. I said not as much as you guys hating me because my size 3's are loose now.

Or when Tony told me he would like me to do another 1/2 hour of cardio, yes he said it. I said okay I guess i'll skip one of my meals to fit it in. Or maybe I should have taken this whole week off. This is on top of the 1 hour in the morning, weights when I get home, climbing 20-30 flights of stairs, 1 more hour of cardio and the flexing and posing you have to do for 45 minutes!! He's got a challenge with me I guess. Most people who did that much wouldn't have an ass left but I still have plenty!!!

Sorry about that little rant. I just know I am working harder than my competition for sure. I've talked to a few of them and they can't believe i'm doing that much cardio. That was before Tony mentioned the half an hour extra!! Don't get me wrong, i'm doing stricly as he says because I believe he is the best and he'll get me where I need to be one day!!

I'll catch up on everyone's blogs next week :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clown Makeup

I went to my mom's today and I think we perfected the makeup! I don't normally wear any and if I do it's brown and that's it. We had fun with the colors and I am wearing pink eye shadow and blush *gasp*! I hate pink!! It does look good with the DARK makeup though. The eyelashes aren't the ones i'll be wearing and I forgot to put mascara on my bottom lashes LOL! I also forgot my eye shadow base and blending sponges at home. So on Saturday we'll go darker and be able to blend it better.

I use to work at a cosmetics counter and loved makeup. Doing makeovers was so much fun. That is what is weird about me never wearing any. My hubby says I don't need it though so I guess that is good.

I was going to whiten my teeth this week but.......I don't think I will now :)

If anyone has any tips or anything pass that on!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 WEEK OUT!! - 110.2 lbs.

Well I have one week left. This will be a busy week and I hope i'm not forgetting anything. I think Tony has be carb depleting tomorrow. He had this plan to load me up with sodium but changed his mind thank goodness! I hate salt and as you can tell my body doesn't shed fat or water too easily.

I got my hair trimmed and highlighted last night. It feels and looks much better.

I've got my Target shopping done and my fridge still looks bare LOL! I had to go to Kroger to find some asparagus and spend $10 on it! I may go jean shopping today? Maybe I should wait until after the show when i'm bloated with pizza and chocolate!

I'm going to take Boomer for a walk in the park today for some extra cardio. I have found that I have no problem sticking with a diet or doing cardio it needs to maintain a healthy life. I do however despise evening cardio prepping for a show!!! I can't wait for that to be over with so I can veg on couch with my hubby :)